File Storage, Management and Sharing

File Storage, Management and Sharing for iPad & iPhone

InterConneX is a file storage and management app for the iPhone and iPad that enables you to control and share all your files and folders in one location just like on a Mac. You have complete control over your files . You can copy, move, duplicate, delete, rename, open, archive, print, import, export, email and even ‘drag & drop’ a file. With InterConneX you can connect to and access files on iPhones, iPads, Macs and cloud services.

Check out the video below to better understand how InterConneX works. Then use the links on the left to further explore all the capabilities that InterConneX has to offer. Check out the guide Sharing Files between InterConneX and a Mac via ChronoSync to learn how to sync files from InterConneX to a Mac via ChronoSync.