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ChronoSync Express Public Preview -- both the Mac App Store and SetApp versions -- is a pre-release version of the forthcoming ChronoSync Express v1.3. Though not quite finished, it is near final form and has received extensive in-house testing. But nothing puts a product through its paces quite like the end user. The literally thousands of different system configurations and usage patterns of our customers is something that we simply cannot reproduce in the lab. Thus we are inviting you to take ChronoSync Express for a spin and see how it works for you.

Please email beta@econtechnologies.com to obtain installation instructions. Click below to download.

ChronoSync Express v1.3b1 for Mac App Store
MD5: b452944e782a79722a5ef96f11972e7a

ChronoSync Express v1.3b1 for SetApp
MD5: c947588f2a56214eb74e5ed95e9cd11c