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TNCA-0007 - ChronoAgent v1.9.0 Enhancements, Changes and Bug Fixes

November 18th, 2018


  • Full support for Mojave Dark Mode.
  • Allows remote APFS snapshots to be taken, supporting the "Freeze Filesystem" feature in ChronoSync 4.9.
  • Optimized for APFS File Systems.
  • All new "Full Disk Access Assistant" which is displayed by the ChronoAgent Monitor on Mojave when Full Disk Access has not been granted by the user.
  • Faster, More Efficient Connection Startup.


  • Fixed some bugs whereby ChronoAgent Monitor would not properly reflect the state of ChronoAgent in the system menu.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause incorrect mappings.
  • Fixed a bug whereby creating folders would not map user/groups supplied in the attributes dictionary.
  • Fixed a bug whereby files with filenames that were not encoded in some variation of UTF and which contained 'special' characters, could be improperly handled and misidentified. This could also possibly result in high memory consumption.
  • Fixed a bug whereby a permission error trying to read the contents of a directory could result in unnecessary retries.
  • Fixed a potential memory leak that would occur collecting the local users & groups in special circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug when dealing with symbolic links that referenced the '/private' directory.


Nov-18-2018 - Created.