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Version 4.9.11 Now Available!

Version 1.3.5 Now Available!

Backup and Sync Solution for your Mac ChronoSync logo text

Professional backup
and synchronization
for macOS

Only $49.99!

Backup and Sync Solution for your Mac ChronoSync logo text

Entry-level backup
and synchronization
for macOS

Only $24.99!

ChronoSync can synchronize & backup to most anything you can connect to your Mac: select cloud services, other Macs, NAS drives, external drives, iPads, iPhones, PCs or anything you can mount as a volume. It can also perform bootable backups to external drives connected to your Mac or remote drives via ChronoAgent.


ChronoSync Express offers entry-level synchronization and backup that feels high-end! It offers many of the same great features as ChronoSync at a reduced price. ChronoSync Express is available on the AppStore and Setapp. If you have basic synchronization and backup needs, ChronoSync Express is the right tool for you!

Version 1.9.8 Now Available!

InterConneX Version 2.0.1 Available!

Direct file sharing connection to another Mac ChronoAgent logo text
High performance
remote file sharing
for ChronoSync

Only $14.99!

Monitor your ChronoAgent connections ChronoMonitor logo text
Network monitor for
ChronoSync and

Only $3.99!

File Management and Control for iDevices InterConneX logo text
File storage and
sharing for iPhones
and iPads

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ChronoAgent is an application that runs in the background on a remote Mac and communicates directly with ChronoSync or InterConneX on another device. It provides a direct, high performance, encrypted connection and is the ultimate way to transfer files.

ChronoMonitor is an iPhone app that checks the availability and condition of ChronoAgents installed on a network. It also receives push notifications from ChronoSync, letting you know that your scheduled syncs and backups are running properly.

InterConneX is a file management & storage app for the iPhone & iPad that enables you to control & share all your files & folders in one location, like on a Mac. Create sharespaces to store & manage files and share files with other Macs, iPads, iPhones & cloud services.

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