File Storage, Management and Sharing

File Storage, Management and Sharing for iPad & iPhone


Pass documents to other apps
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Pass a selected document to another app
  or AirDrop user via the “Open In” icon.

iOS provides a document interaction mechanism whereby apps can pass single documents between each other. Of course, InterConneX takes advantage of this. To pass a document stored in a sharespace to another app, simply select it and tap the "Open In" icon.

Note: this works even for remote sharespaces — no need to copy documents over to your device before passing them to other apps!

Receive documents from other apps
View passing documents

Any application that can pass documents
 to other apps can save to a sharespace.

The same iOS document interaction mechanism is used by InterConneX to receive documents from other apps. InterConneX can receive any document type so if another app can transfer it, InterConneX can store it in a sharespace.

Here, a document is being transferred from Pages back to InterConneX.

Place document in remote or local sharespace
Place document in sharespace

Place a transferred document in any folder
  of any sharespace - even remote ones!

InterConneX provides fine-grain control over where to place the document, when the transfer back to InterConneX occurs. It can even be stored in remote sharespaces allowing you to pass a Pages document back to your Mac, for instance.