File Storage, Management and Sharing

File Storage, Management and Sharing for iPad & iPhone


In addition to connecting to other InterConneX sharespaces, you can also connect to any Mac that has ChronoAgent installed on it. Once connected to a ChronoAgent sharespace, you can access ALL files on the Mac for all user accounts. You can also take advantage of the massive data storage capacity (relative to your iDevice) of your Mac. You can even access your properly configured ChronoAgent over the internet, turning your Mac into your own private cloud.

Connect to a remote ChronoAgent computer

Creating a ChronoAgent connected sharespace begins like any other sharespace creation would except you choose to connect to a remote ChronoAgent computer instead of an InterConneX sharespace.

Choose a remote ChronoAgent

Choose what ChronoAgent you would like to connect to. All available ChronoAgents on your local network automatically appear by name. You can also specify an internet address if you are accessing your ChronoAgent over the internet.

Supply credentials to access remote computer

Supply your ChronoAgent access credentials and test your settings. Give your sharespace a meaningful name, save your settings and you're done!

Accessing the files on your Mac from InterConneX is now as easy as selecting the ChronoAgent sharespace from your sharespace list!