File Storage, Management and Sharing

File Storage, Management and Sharing for iPad & iPhone


Tools offer advanced options
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Invoke Tools via the "Wrench" icon.

Tools are a little more involved than simple actions. Think of them as "mini apps" within InterConneX. Interacting with them is the same, however - simply tap on the desired set of files and folders then invoke the desired tool from the Tools menu.

The tools available to you are:

Get more info on a file

MORE INFO - Display more attributes of the selected items.

Print documents

PRINT - Many document types can be sent directly to an AirPrint compatible printer directly within InterConneX.

Preview file contents

QUICK LOOK - Preview the contents of a wide variety of document types on screen.

Email selected files

EMAIL - Package up the selected files and send them as an email attachment. You can even choose to ZIP compress your attachments.

Add selected photos to Photos library

ADD TO PHOTOS - If you've selected photo or videos files, you can add them directly to your Photos library. Great for grabbing someone else's photos/videos from a remote sharespace!

Copy photos into a sharespace

COPY FROM PHOTOS - Displays a thumbnail browser showing the contents of your Photos library. Select the desired photos and/or videos to be copied into the current sharespace.

Download a URL resource into a sharespace

DOWNLOAD FILE - Have a url to an internet resource (graphic, sound file, etc)? This tool allows you to download it directly into the current sharespace.

Import file from external storage

IMPORT - Displays a Document Picker allowing you to import a file from an external storage space to a sharespace.

Export file to external storage

EXPORT - Displays a Document Picker allowing you to export a file from a sharespace to an external storage space.

View pasteboard contents

PASTEBOARD - View copied content on a Local or Global Pasteboard.