File Storage, Management and Sharing

File Storage, Management and Sharing for iPad & iPhone


With sharing configured, what can you do with it? Here are some ideas:

SHARE WITH YOURSELF - Your iPad and iPhone have limited space so it's unlikely that you can put all the files on your Mac onto them. InterConneX solves this problem and gives you a direct connection to your Mac so you can access any file on your Mac and copy it over to your device.

SHARE WITH SOMEONE ELSE - If you need to share some files with someone else, you could email the files to them but that is quite a hassle. With InterConneX running on an iPhone or iPad, you can share files directly between devices.

SHARE BETWEEN A GROUP - Your coworkers are all working on a project together. Some have iPhones, some have iPads, and some have Macs. With InterConneX on the iPhones & iPads and ChronoAgent running on the Macs, everyone can share files directly with each other.

SHARE WITH A MAC SERVER - If you need to share files between iPhones & iPads and one central repository, then the combination of InterConneX and ChronoSync can handle that. Install ChronoSync on the Mac and InterConneX on all the iPhones & iPads. Now your Mac server will work just like a cloud service automatically synchronizing your files back and forth.

SHARE WITH OTHER APPS - InterConneX can access an online storage space, whether it be iCloud, DropBox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, or some other service, and share files between these storage spaces and its sharespaces.