File Storage, Management and Sharing

File Storage, Management and Sharing for iPad & iPhone


Access to your local sharespaces can be restricted by simply limiting access to your device — either through passkey protection, fingerprint authentication or both. Using such a restriction to limit access to your sharespaces is not always practical, however, especially when the device is used in a shared environment (e.g. the family iPad). That is why InterConneX offers an additional layer of security for your sharespaces by optionally requiring an access code to view their contents and/or edit their configuration.

Passcode protect your iPad & iPhone data

Enabling access restrictions is a simple matter of editing an individual sharespace's configuration and turning the security settings on.

Sometimes you might not care about restricting access to a sharespace but you don't want users to be able to change any of the sharespace's settings. InterConneX accommodates this via the scope setting.

Passcode entry for restricted file access

Whether you choose to restrict access to the sharespace or just its configuration, a four-digit passcode is used for authentication. This passcode will be requested each time a user tries to access the contents of the sharespace and/or edit its settings.

An alternate method is to use the fingerprint identity sensor to access the contents of the sharespace. This is only available on devices that have Touch ID.

Passcode protection can be enabled on a per-sharespace basis so you can require different pass codes for different sharespaces. You can even mix unrestricted sharespaces with restricted ones, which is actually a common thing to do.