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TNICX-0001 - Access Folders outside the Home Folder with InterConneX

March 13, 2014


InterConneX is only able to access files and folders located in the home folder for the logged in user. This folder is determined by ChronoAgent using the Default_User_Path property. It is possible to modify this default property and allow InterConneX access to folders and paths elsewhere on the Mac. Use the steps below to locate and edit this default property.


The only way to change the default home folder location currently is to edit the ca_public.plist file on the ChronoAgent Mac. Perform the following:

  1. Locate the ca_public.plist file on the ChronoAgent Mac.

    Open Finder and press the following three keys:

    CMD + SHIFT + G

    and type the following:


    In the displayed Finder Window, browse to the “Application Support/ChronoSync” folder.

    Locate, then double-click the “ca_public.plist” file.

    Using your default editor, change the value associated with the “Default_User_Path” property to your desired path or folder.

    If you want to gain access to the root of your startup volume, just make the value "/". It can be any path you'd like as long as it exists on your Mac Volume.

    Save your changes.

  2. Stop, then Start ChronoAgent for the changes to take effect.

    After making any change to the ca_public.plist file, you must stop, then start the agent for the changes to take effect. Open System Preferences and Locate the ChronoAgent preference panel in the 'Other' section. Launch the Preference Pane and authenticate by clicking the padlock icon. Switch to the 'General' tab. Move the ChronoAgent switch to 'OFF'. Pause, then move the switch to 'ON'. The change to the default path should now be in effect.

  3. Test your Changes.

    Launch InterConneX and re-connect to the ChronoAgent Mac where you just updated the default path. Verify that you can now browse files and folders using the new path that you specified.


Mar-13-2014 - Created from Internal Support Notes.