Synchronize. Backup. Bootable Backup.
Whatever your backup or sync scenario, ChronoSync has got you covered!
Detect File System

MOJAVE OPTIMIZATION - ChronoSync fully supports macOS Mojave which includes the new APFS (Apple File System) file system, Mojave Security and Dark Mode. ChronoSync v4.9 not only works using the new APFS under Mojave, it still works optimally using HFS+ with older versions of macOS and chooses different program logic depending upon the file system being used.

Synchronize or backup

MULTIFUNCTIONAL - ChronoSync isn’t just a backup tool. It isn’t just a sync tool. Nor is it just a cloning tool. ChronoSync is all three! Not only does it do all that, it excels at each and every one of those tasks! Why buy a uni-tasker when you can have a multi-tasker that outperforms it?

Never pay for an update

FREE UPDATES FOR LIFE - Pay once, play forever! Why pay a subscription fee that never goes away or purchase an upgrade just to keep running on the latest OS? ChronoSync has been available since 2002 and has been updated over 60 times since then — and there’s never been an upgrade fee! That’s an an investment that keeps on paying!

Trial Syncs

INTERACTIVE FEEDBACK - ChronoSync offers the ability to preview every operation a sync or backup will perform and allows you to make changes before committing them. Other tools don’t provide any option for interaction, leaving you to run blind and hope for the best.

Restore files or folders

BUILT-IN RESTORE - Most backup programs leave you on your own when it comes time to restore data. The same goes for retrieving older versions of files that have been archived. Of course, that's if they even have an archive option (which most don’t). ChronoSync offers a full user interface for restoring files and retrieving older files from an archive.

Email or push notifications

NOTIFICATIONS GALORE - Email notifications, notification center, and push notifications to your iPhone keep you informed of any sync or backup task as they are completed. No other sync/backup tool offers this many notification options.

Schedule your syncs

EVENT TRIGGERED SCHEDULES - Sure, we all have schedulers for allowing you to specify a time for a sync/backup to run but what if you want it to run when some specified event occurs? Like, having it automatically run when you mount an external drive? Or, in ChronoSync 4.8, monitoring changes in your target and having a sync/backup run when a file changes? ChronoSync can do that ... and a whole lot more!

Use ChronoAgent for fast, secure syncs

BETTER THAN FILE SHARING - ChronoSync + ChronoAgent allows you to sync/backup data between Macs MUCH faster than built-in file sharing. Not only that but you get full access to remote file systems, control over mapping ownership permissions plus an encrypted connection. No other sync/backup tools have something like this to offer.

Tons of options

POWER USER FEATURES - ChronoSync is pretty easy to use even when configuring extensive backup regimens. Most users will just configure it and let it do its thing in the background. For power users, however, there’s a whole slew of configurable options to fine tune it for your needs. Things like sync triggers, programable rules, detailed log reports, script execution, package file handling, error pre-determination, etc. These are Professional-level features at a Consumer-level price!