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Whatever your backup or sync scenario, ChronoSync has got you covered!

ChronoSync employs very sophisticated logic while synchronizing or backing up:

Incremental backups

INCREMENTAL COPIES - ChronoSync performs incremental backups meaning only files that have been modified since your last backup will be copied. This speeds things up and cuts down on the storage requirements for your backed up data.

File state comparisons

CHANGE DETECTION - Instead of just comparing files against each other, ChronoSync creates a snapshot and compares the existing state of your files against their last known state, ensuring that a wide variety of changes are detected.

Metadata synchronization

METADATA CHANGE DETECTION - Not all changes to a file affect its contents. ChronoSync detects metadata changes such as access permissions, locked states, Finder labels, tags, Spotlight comments, etc. and will intelligently apply metadata to a counterpart file if that is all that has changed.

Faster file scanning with SmartScan

SMARTSCAN - Sync and backup performance jumps to a whole new level with SmartScan, an advanced algorithm for analyzing a volume for changes. While SmartScan won't copy your files any faster, detecting which ones need to be copied can see dramatic speed improvements.

Pick up where you left off

PROGRESSIVE SCANNING - Progressive scanning helps in situations where a complete synchronization or backup task is prematurely terminated. Instead of starting over and scanning all the files for changes on the next run, progressive scanning will pick up where it left off and scan only those files not scanned in the previous run.

Compare bytes after synchronization

DATA VERIFICATION - After backing up a file, ChronoSync can be instructed to compare the file against the original, ensuring that every byte of data has made it to the destination intact. When used with ChronoAgent , data verification is lightning fast due to the use of checksum calculations instead of byte-for-byte comparison.

Detects conflicts during synchronization

CONFLICT DETECTION - Many synchronization programs are incapable of accurately detecting conflicts - situations where a file has been modified on both sides of the synchronization. ChronoSync's unique change detection algorithm makes it ideally suited to detect and report such conflicts.

Copies files to temporary location

SAFE COPY - ChronoSync performs 'safe copies' meaning it first copies the data to a temporary file. Only once the copy has been successfully completed will the destination file be replaced. This keeps your destination file intact in case there is some error or connection loss encountered during the copy.

Archiving file versions

ARCHIVING - Not all changes to a file are improvements. Sometimes you may edit a letter or spreadsheet only to wish you still had an older version of it. ChronoSync recognizes this fact and provides the option of archiving multiple versions of a backed up file. It’s easy to go back in time and grab a recent version of a document.