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The following guides apply to earlier versions of ChronoSync. See the other guide sections in the sidebar for topics covering the current version of ChronoSync.

Set up connection profiles

Configuring Connection Profiles on Older Versions of ChronoSync

This guide applies to ChronoSync v4.6.7 and earlier. This guide covers how to set up a connection profile so that you can communicate directly with another computer that has ChronoAgent installed or a iPhone or iPad that has InterConneX installed.

Disk image sync

Synchronizing with a Disk Image

This guide applies to ChronoSync v4.6.7 and earlier. Learn how to create a disk image (or DMG) and then set up ChronoSync to synchronize to it.

Connect your Mac to another Mac

Sync Apple Mail Between Macs Using ChronoSync

This guide explains the steps necessary to create a set of ChronoSync Synchronizer Documents that can maintain Apple Mail messages in sync between two Macs.

Introduction to the Document Organizer

Video: Introduction to the Document Organizer

ChronoSync 4.5.0 introduces the new Document Organizer that allows you to create, manage, schedule, and run all of your sync documents from one convenient location!