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ChronoSync 4.8 Coming Soon!

This major update ushers in dozens of significant new features! Here are some sneak peeks of the main features you'll find in ChronoSync v4.8. Buy today and you'll get free updates for life.



Assists you with getting your backups up and running quickly. More...
Concurrent Sync

Concurrent File Sync

Synchronizations are capable of performing multiple, parallel operations. More...
Live Trigger

Sync on File Change

Monitor your files and sync only when changes occur! More...
File Validation

File Validation

Compare the contents and metadata of all files and folders. More...
I/O Throttling

I/O Throttling

New option to reduce bandwidth consumption when using other apps. More...
Reset Sync History

Reset Sync History

Reset information previously collected on files & folders. More...
Simplified Scheduling

New, Simplified Scheduling

Brand new, simplified screens for scheduling syncs & backups. More...
Public Preview

ChronoSync v4.8 Public
Preview Now Available!

As always, upgrading to ChronoSync v4.8 is FREE! No user is left behind!