Synchronize. Backup. Bootable Backup.
Whatever your backup or sync scenario, ChronoSync has got you covered!


With ChronoSync 4.8, take advantage of creation assistants to get your backups configured and running quickly and easily. Assistants guide you through the process of configuring a synchronizer task to achieve a specific goal. This helps to quickly get your task configured with the required settings without being exposed to the optional settings that power users adore.

Home Folder Backup Make a backup copy of your home folder onto another volume. This assistant allows you to filter out sub-folders at the root level of your home folder. It provides the option of skipping unnecessary files and skipping your email folder.
Bootable Backup Create a bootable clone of your system drive onto another drive. This assistant provides the option of erasing or formatting your destination volume. You can even choose to enable encryption.
Backup to Disk Image Make a backup copy of any folder onto a newly created or existing disk image. This assistant will intelligently size the disk image based on your source size. You can also filter files by data type and choose to encrypt the disk image.
Synchronize Two Folders Make folders identical to each other by bidirectionally synchronizing two folders of your choice. These folders can reside on different devices or mounted file servers (including NAS devices).
Backup Folders Make a backup copy of any folder onto another volume. This assistant allows you to optionally filter files by data type. The backup destination can reside on a different device or a mounted file server (including an NAS device).
Multiple Folder Backup Backup multiple folders to the same location on another volume. These folders can reside at different locations in your file hierarchy or even on different devices. You can optionally filter files by data type.