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The advantage of having a bootable backup (or clone) is that if something goes wrong with your primary system drive, you can boot from the backup drive and be up and running within minutes. Without having a bootable backup it would take — at the very least — a full day or two to restore your system to a usable state (assuming you had good backups). If you rely on cloud-based services for backup, the whole restoration process can actually take weeks! A bootable backup is a must for any user who simply cannot afford any significant downtime!

ChronoSync can create two types of bootable backup: standard and mirror. A standard bootable backup copies your entire system volume and makes sure it can be booted from the destination device. It will not interfere with additional information on the destination volume. So, for example, if you wanted to keep some additional documents in a special folder on that volume, they would remain intact after the backup. A mirrored bootable backup makes an exact clone of you system volume. Any files on the destination device that do not exist on your source volume will be erased after a mirrored bootable backup.

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Bootable Backup

Take advantage of the 'BOOTABLE BACKUP' assistant to get your bootable configured and running quickly and easily. Create a bootable clone of your system drive onto another drive. This assistant provides the option of erasing or formatting your destination volume. You can even choose to enable encryption. Assistants help to quickly get your task configured with the required settings without being exposed to the optional settings that power users adore.