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Whatever your backup or sync scenario, ChronoSync has got you covered!

Episode 1395

Tech Guy Labs - June 2017

Leo Laporte uses ChronoSync on his Macs for backup and folder synchronizations.

What I Do When I Return From A Photography Trip

Photography Concentrate - May 2017

Blogger Rob Lim discusses the photography workflow he uses when returning home from a trip.

Chronosync is Time Machine plus Git

DELLU - April 2017

Blogger DELLU likes ChronoSync for both the syncing and the versioning.

The Mobile Photographer’s Image Management Strategy (Podcast 570)

Martin Bailey Photography - April 2017

Nature and wildlife photographer, Martin Bailey, blogs about his image management workflow.

Shooting Video Projects Internationally

12Birds - April 2017

Backing up your video projects when shooting internationally.

How To Make Your MacOS Time Machine Backup Faster - April 2017

Alternatives to Time Machine: ChronoSync is mentioned.

Mac tips: How to backup important data and prevent data loss

MK - April 2017

Blogger Michael Kummer uses ChronoSync to replicate video and photo archives every night.

Drobo vs. LaCie 5big Thunderbolt 2 external storage solutions

MK - April 2017

Blogger Michael Kummer uses ChronoSync to copy his most critical data.

Collaborative Workflow with Final Cut Pro X - First Working Steps - March 2017

Author uses ChronoSync to share Events and Projects between Final Cut Pro X edit stations.

Who Owns Your Email

MacDrifter - March 2017

The author uses ChronoSync to keep a backup of his MailMate messages.

Do Your Files Exist?

RayNew Solutions - March 2017

ChronoSync mentioned for scheduling and restoring data quickly.

Editing an Epic Sizzle Reel with Final Cut Pro X - March 2017

ChronoSync used to ensure the duplication was perfect.

Backup Strategy

RayNew Solutions - February 2017

ChronoSync used in this author's backup strategy.

The price of cheap disk space

Jon Worth Euroblog - February 2017

ChronoSync being used to compare directories and root out duplicates of files.

Backup your images: the step by step not to lose your images while traveling

Verena Fotografia - February 2017

ChronoSync being used with Lightroom.


ChronoSync used for redundant backups.

Photographers Guide to Backup

Stylish Wedding Photography - February 2017

ChronoSync is this photographer's preferred software for copying files.

TechFan 291 – Importance of 4K

My Mac - February 2017

ChronoSync mentioned in Tim and David's podcast.

How-To Factory Reset MacBook Air and other macs with macOS

Apple Toolbox - February 2017

ChronoSync mentioned as a drive cloning app that should be used before a factory reset.

Best Backup Software For Windows, Mac And Linux Users’ File Safety

The Digital - January 2017

Author recommends ChronoSync as the backup software to have for your Mac.

Why Every Photographer Should Give a DAM

Fstoppers - January 2017

Photographer relies on ChronoSync to keep files in sync.

Head to head: Apple's Time Machine versus three local backup utilities for macOS

appleinsider - January 2017

AppleInsider looks at some options to backing up your data to prevent loss in the case of digital disaster.

ChronoSync 4.7.1 adds cloud services and smart scanning to automated back up app

appleinsider - December 2016

A comprehensive overview of ChronoSync with an explanation on its new cloud services and progressive scanning feature.

How to back up large files and collections off site

Macworld - December 2016

Brief mention of ChronoSync as being able to sync to Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage.

Photographers Guide to Backup

Stylish Wedding Photography - December 2016

This photograph uses ChronoSync to backup files.

Lightroom Catalogs – Top 10 Misunderstandings

The Lightroom Queen - November 2016

Brief mention of how ChronoSync allows more control over your backups.

Episode 1343

Tech Guy Labs - November 2016

ChronoSync is mentioned as an alternative to Apple's Time Machine.


This Week in Photo - November 2016

ChronoSync is one of their Picks Of The Week.

Step by Step Plan for Backing Up Your Images While Traveling

Digital Photography School - November 2016

ChronoSync is part of this author's recipe for backing up images while traveling.

Mac Power Users 345: Cloud Wars: iCloud and Dropbox

PlayerFM - October 2016

Mention of ChronoSync.

Siri, is my Mac ready for macOS Sierra?

SecuritySpread - September 2016

ChronoSync mentioned as a utility for cloning drives.

Best Apps That Can Be Used to Synchronize Your Mac - September 2016

ChronoSync mentioned as a great app available for synchronizing your Mac.

The Week in Mac Apps: Get your hard drive ready for macOS Sierra with Disk Clean Pro

Macworld - September 2016

Use ChronoSync is an all-in-one solution to back up, synchronize, and recover your files across multiple devices to help prevent data loss caused by hardware failures.

Tech Talk: File Management

Dreier & Company - September 2016

This food photographer likes ChronoSync because it works "behind the scenes".

Safeguard your data!

Photography by Depuhl - September 2016

This photographer uses ChronoSync to backup his photos.


Scott Davenport Photography - August 2016

How to store and backup photos with G-Tech drives using ChronoSync.

Episode 21: A Conversation with David D. Levine

Hologram Radio - August 2016

ChronoSync is part of this writer’s backup strategy.


April & Bryan Photography - August 2016

ChronoSync is part of a tiered approach for these photographers.

How to Stop your PC Being Held for Ransom

AFR Weekend - August 2016

ChronoSync is an essential tool for backup.

Building a Comprehensive Photo Storage and Backup System

Peta Pixel - August 2016

ChronoSync used as backup software for this photographer.

Photography, Storage, and Backups

Mischievous Ramblings II - July 2016

ChronoSync part of this photographer's workflow.

Protect your precious Mac – Backup and Recovery

Macworld - December 2015

ChronoSync mention as a flexible and advanced third-party sync/backup software option.

How To Never Lose Your Photos Again

Travel Life Experiences - December 2015

Author uses ChronoSync to keep a duplicate of their media on two drives.


This Week in PHOTO - November 2015

Rob and Lauren Lim, the authors of Back up or Die, use ChronoSync to backup their photos.

El Capitan Server Part 1: Preparing to Upgrade

Todd Olthoff - September 2015

Using ChronoSync to make a bootable clone when upgrading to El Capitan.

Get Your Workflow Organized

The Art of Seeing - September 2015

Using ChronoSync to backup processed images and databases.

A Photography Group You’ve Never Heard Of

JDLAB - September 2015

ChronoSync is the backup software of choice for Master Photographer, J.D. Hicks.

The Mac's Most Reliable And Robust Backup And Sync App Goes Lite

Mac360 - July 2015

ChronoSync Express, a slightly lite version of the full-featured ChronoSync for the Mac.

Final Cut Pro X in enterprise-level television production - June 2015

Metronome Productions uses ChronoSync as an integral part of their production workflow.

Image Management Workflow for the Mobile Photographer (Podcast 466)

Martin Bailey Photography - April 2015

ChronoSync is an incredibly powerful file synchronisation tool.

A Crazy Good Mac Backup And Sync App

Mac360 - October 2014

ChronoSync 4.3.4 and ChronoAgent 1.3.4

TidBITS - July 23, 2012

Remains of the Day: Thrill of the hunt

Macworld - July 19, 2012

ChronoSync 4.3 and ChronoAgent 1.3

TidBITS - February 7, 2012

ChronoSync 4.2/ChronoAgent 1.2

TidBITS - April 10, 2011

ChronoSync, ChronoAgent updates add trial support, more

macnn - April 8, 2011

ChronoSync Updated to Version 4.2 and ChronoAgent Updated to Version 1.2

prMac - April 8, 2011