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TNCS-0023 - Handling Date Rollback Errors

February 22, 2015


ChronoSync keeps track of all your file info inside the sync document so it knows exactly what has changed since the last sync. A date roll back means that the file has changed since the last sync but now has an older modification date. Since new files should have a newer date, it does not replace the file but gives you an error. If you are running a scheduled sync, you will get errors posted to the log. But, if you are running a manual sync, a window will come up with several options. It is recommend you try and determine why this is happening first before copying over any files.


To track down the files, you can get a list of the files and errors in the Sync Document Log (Actions->Open Log). To handle Date Roll-back Errors before they occur, you can set the 'Roll-backs' popup menu to pre-select how you want this type of error handled in future syncs. You'll find this popup menu in the "Reporting & Error Handling" section in the Options panel.

To correct the problem with your existing sync document, click on 'Synchronize' in the document toolbar to run the sync. When the date roll-back error is encountered, make your selection on the error window and 'Proceed' to resolve the error.


If all has gone well, subsequent syncs won't report the error unless the date roll-back occurs again in the future.


Feb-22-2015 - Created from Internal Support Notes.