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TNCS-0034 - ChronoSync 4.7.0 Enhancements, Tweaks, and Bug Fixes

October 17, 2016

Connectivity Improvements

  • Redesigned Connection Profile Architecture improving reliability and support for a new range of connections.
  • Implemented Direct Amazon S3 Service Connection introducing cloud support.
  • Implemented Direct Google Cloud Service Connection introducing cloud support.
  • Implemented Direct SFTP Connection support expanding backup options to additional local servers, NAS devices and remote servers.
  • Implemented server-side Encryption for cloud-based targets where the service supports it to keep backed up data secure from unwanted access.
  • Implemented Disk Image Mounting Support Including Secure DMGs expanding backup options and improving flexibility.
  • Implemented FileVault Encrypted drive mounting streamlining backups to secure volumes.
  • Added 'Create connection...' menu item accessible directly from the Target Pane 'Connect to:' popup menu streamlining new connection creation.
  • Improved connecting, reconnecting, and testing availability of 'Connections' improving reliability.
  • Improved the capability to edit connection settings and have changes take effect without reopening sync documents improving workflow.
  • Implemented new target folder selector window for cloud connections simplifying choosing cloud-based targets.
  • Added new Target Volume Options to support specifying passwords for encrypted FileVault and Disk Image Volumes streamlining encrypted backup volume access.
  • Added the capability to eject Disk Image and FileVault volumes to remove volumes from the system after backup.
  • Added the capability to hide mounted volumes keeping backup destinations hidden from normal Finder File System browsing.

Usability Improvements

  • Redesigned Readiness Test Architecture improving feedback and Sync Document reliability.
  • Added new Readiness Messages simplifying choosing the correct settings when creating new sync documents.
  • Implemented the Fix/Ignore/Reset capability automatically adjusting sync document settings to Readiness Messages.
  • Implemented Progressive Scanning File Operation to improve resuming suspended backups especially when connected to slow destination devices.
  • Implemented the Preserve Resource Fork File Operation to increase flexibility when backing up to non-native macOS file systems.
  • Added the capability to re-order connection profiles via drag & drop in the Connection Profiles list allowing customization in how the list of connections is displayed in the ‘Connect to:’ popup when choosing a Target on the Setup Panel.
  • Renaming a sync or container document from within the Document Organizer, or within the document window itself, will now result in a scan of of all known container sync documents. Any container document containing a reference to the renamed document will be updated accordingly. Previously, this only worked if said container document were presently open when the rename occurred.
  • To better support macOS Sierra and avoid conflicts with “Documents-in-the-cloud”, Implemented a document mover that will move any sync & container documents stored in the current “ChronoSync Documents” folder when a new location is set in General Preferences. This includes:
    • Rename the documents, if necessary, to avoid conflicts with existing documents in the new documents folder.
    • Update the references used by the Document Organizer to display entries.
    • Update the references used by any Scheduled Items.
    • If any moved documents are currently open, their internal file references will be updated. This may fail if one of the moved documents is actually synchronizing at the time of the move.
    • Update the references used by Container Documents.
  • Implemented the capability to drag items from the document list in the Document Organizer window to make adding Sync Documents to a Container Sync Document window easier.
  • Added arguments to Pre- and Post- sync shell scripts. Arguments passed are:
    • sync document path
    • left target path
    • right target path
    • completion status
    • scanned count
    • processed count
    • error count
  • Improved the File Extension rule so that it can now take a comma separated list of extensions. The rule OR’s the evaluation of each extension.

Other Notable New Features

  • Connection Profile settings are encrypted to prevent unwanted access to credentials used to login to Cloud Services, SFTP Servers, and ChronoAgent-enabled Macs.
  • When deleting a Sync Document from the Document Organizer Window, Scheduler References to the Document are also deleted.
  • Implemented an excessive Trial Sync collection warning displayed when the operation collects an excessive number of entries. The warning allows the Trial Sync to be aborted, continued, or ended and present the entries that have been collected so far.
  • Enhanced Bootable Backup Blacklist whereby all files associated with saved application states when creating a bootable backup are automatically excluded to prevent restoring running application states when booting from the backup volume.
  • When warning about possible fsEvent database problems in a synchronizer log, the error count for that synchronizer is incremented so that it will complete with errors, calling attention to the fact that something might be wrong.
  • Doubled the maximum size of data retained in a Generic Log.
  • Added “Folders containing ‘cache’” to “Cache Files” rule template.
  • Updated Online Help.
  • Updated Localizations.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug whereby we were not correctly determining the partition scheme for mounted drives, thus the readiness test comparing partition schemes on bootable backups was not working correctly.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the partition scheme would not be properly determined if the volume were part of a core storage, logical volume group.
  • Fixed a bug in the container synchronizer whereby the percent complete calculation would sometimes show a wonky value when transitioning between contained sync documents. This would only be noticed in the Scheduled Documents Manager when running a scheduled container.
  • Fixed a bug in the post sync cleanup sequencing of container synchronizer documents that could result in a crash or unstable behavior for scheduled synchronizations.
  • Fixed a bug in the container synchronizer whereby presenting any UI during the sync that contains code that references the targets of the running synchronizer would not necessarily obtain the correct target and, in fact, would probably refer to an invalid placeholder target. This was most obviously manifesting itself as incorrectly named targets when presenting a conflict sheet but there could have been other, similar problems that went un-noticed.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the Container Synchronizer was causing contained sync documents to get saved twice at the end of their run, in two separate threads, concurrently. This sometimes would result in a hang.
  • Fixed a bug in the Nested Destination readiness check whereby the readiness test would only be performed if the source and destination file managers were identical to each other. Thus if you had “Mounted Volumes” and “Mounted Volumes (Admin Access)” as your target connections, the readiness test would fail to detect a nested folder situation.
  • Fixed a long-standing bug whereby the “Don’t copy empty folders” option was non-functional when used in conjunction with Trial Sync.
  • Fixed a bug whereby trying to sort by the ‘Extension’ column in the File Helpers Preference Pane would raise an exception and place the File Helpers Preference pane in an unstable state.
  • Made the “Status” column in the Analyze Panel a bit wider in all languages so that you could sort by that column and the sort indicator would not truncate the header text.
  • Fixed a bug that would slow down the display of entries on the Analyze Panel.
  • Fixed a bug in the Scheduled Items Manager so that we now update any item that has a volume specifier with any changes to the sync document settings such as “Strict volume identification” so that the SDM updates no matter what.
  • Fixed a bug with Sync and Container documents that are set to play ‘Default’ sounds. If the global sound preference was set NOT to play a sounds, a sound would still be generated.
  • Stopped defining the name of the “Templates” and “Documents” folder in the localized strings file to prevent unwanted translations.
  • When editing a schedule, you can no longer enable the ‘run no more than once’ and ‘retry on errors’ settings for both ‘Application Launch’ and ‘Application Termination’ schedule types.
  • When editing a schedule, you can no longer enable the ‘prompt on run’ setting for ‘Application Termination’ schedule types.
  • The ‘prompt on run’ setting for ‘Application Launch’ schedule types now works.
  • The ‘only run if target volumes/agents are available’ option now works for both ‘Application Launch’ and ‘Application Termination’ schedule types.
  • Fixed a bug in the ‘only run if target volumes/agents are available’ option whereby the test would fail for local volumes because a connection was being made to the local file manager before testing if a volume was mounted.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the SmartScan initiation was taking place before the initial ‘Starting’ message was posted to the synchronizer log. This could result in SmartScan related errors getting posted BEFORE the log said “Synchronization start…”.
  • Fixed a bug in the General Preferences, Window Behavior section whereby hitting “Current” when one of the dimension fields was focused would not correctly change its value.
  • Fixed a bug in the InterConneX Connection Profile editor whereby the Guest/Username radio button matrix was not rendering properly on old (10.8) versions of OS X.
  • Fixed some minor bugs in the InterConneX Connection Profile editor related to display and selection of available sharespaces.
  • Fixed a bug whereby InterConneX sharespaces joining and leaving the network would not be detected by a Sync Target preventing an open sync document that has one of it’s targets appear from automatically connecting to the target.
  • Fixed a bug in the display of the Readiness and Sync Summary popovers from the base of the sync document window whereby you could not dismiss a popover by clicking the button exactly where you clicked to invoke the popover.
  • Identified and fixed several minor memory leaks throughout the app.
  • Fixed a bug whereby on Trial Sync, if a row was selected, pressing ENTER or RETURN was incorrectly mapped to a field editor.
  • Fixed a bug whereby inducing a Trial Sync by OPTION-clicking the “Big Sync” button on the Setup panel would trigger an FMAudit during the Trial Sync.
  • Fixed a problem that would prevent all syncs being aborted when quitting ChronoSync with Scheduled Syncs running.
  • Fixed some layout problems in the target change warning sheet dialog.
  • Fixed some non-English tooltips in the Scheduled Item editor.
  • Fixed some auto-layout problems in the French Scheduled Item editor.
  • Removed tooltips from the buttons in the synchronizer progress sheet.


October-17-2016 - Created from Internal Support Notes.