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TNCS-0024 - ChronoSync 4.6.0 Enhancements, Tweaks and Bug Fixes

March 31, 2015

Performance Improvements

  • Implemented SmartScan which delivers significantly faster changed file detection.
  • Implemented Checksum Data Verification to dramatically speed up 'verified copied data' Option.
  • Modernized Memory Management to deliver performance increases.

Usability and Accessibility Improvements

  • Implemented a Yosemite Native User Interface.
  • Incorporated Gradient-free Controls.
  • Developed New Icons.
  • Activated new Visual Effect Views.
  • Added Full Voice-Over Accessibility support.
  • Added Document Info Popover in the Document Organizer.
  • Added More Info Popover in Container and Syncronizer Document editors.
  • Added Special Notes field to the 'Setup Panel'.
  • Added a Readiness State Popover with expanded Readiness State Information.
  • Added Last Run information Popover added to the 'Setup Panel'.
  • Added larger Sync Direction buttons on the Setup Panel that run the sync.
  • Animated the System Menu icon to indicate sync in progress.
  • Added the 'Animate during scheduled syncs' preference setting in General preferences.
  • Revised POSIX Rule Description to better resemble BSD-style file permissions.
  • Implemented the, Yosemite-only, "Compact Toolbars" preference setting.
  • Added Event Bookmarks that are automatically tagged in Sync Document Logs.
  • Added Finder Tags Rule.
  • Numerous User Interface tweaks and adjustments to be more consistent across localizations and OS versions.

Other Notable New Features

  • Created 'Only run if target volumes or agents are available' scheduling option.
  • Created 'Prompt user before running' scheduling option.
  • Created 'Abort is still running at...' scheduling option.
  • Added Push notifications of sync success or failure sent to ChronoMonitor 1.1 iOS app.
  • Added Mount/unmount locally attached drives to sync or backup.
  • Added Option to Assert Volume Ownership when using Admin Access.
  • Implemented a custom 'Tags' field in Analyze Panel, Trial Sync Selector and Conflict sheet.
  • Added Quick Start Guide to the download DMG.
  • Added dock-bounce mitigation which terminates the dock icon bounce after an elapsed time.
  • When blessing a volume after a bootable backup operation, we now create a boot.efi, if necessary.
  • When blessing a volume after a bootable backup operation, we now render a text label for the firmware-based OS picker.
  • Tweaked the progress reporting logic to be more proactive about displaying folders being analyzed.
  • Added the ability to invoke "Open Log" from the "Actions" menu when a synchronization is running.
  • Improved compatibility with OpenZFS file systems by not erroneously thinking it was an MS-DOS/SMB filesystem.
  • The list of volumes presented when choosing a target on an agent connection (including local agent) is now sorted.
  • Ensured last chosen rule is retained in the intermediate and advance rule selection sheets.
  • Mousing over the target tab on the Setup Panel now displays a "Pencil" icon, providing a visual clue that the tab is editable.
  • Expanded path information display for each selected Target to avoid truncation.
  • Target Icon may now be dragged to other sync documents or apps that accept drag & drop pathnames.
  • Raised the demo mode file count limit to 5000.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Implemented a potential fix for the hard-to-identify heartbeat/status crash.
  • Fixed a potential document corruption that could occur if a volume icon provided by the OS contained system specific information.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the Scheduled Documents Manager might not properly refresh itself at the end of a sync if it can't obtain a thread lock.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the Registration and Prompt to Insert Media dialogs were not giving the current run-loop any execution time.
  • Fixed a bug whereby switching from a bootable operation (backup or mirror) to a non-bootable operation would not apply auto-exclusions at the root level of the targets.
  • Fixed a bug whereby when restoring from the Archive to a specific folder, the destination path would not be preserved in between successive restore attempts.
  • Added some logic to Analyze panel that should prevent the rare occurrence of "(null)" filenames listed in the outline view.
  • Fixed a bug whereby if connected to a ChronoAgent with no volumes available for selection (due to whitelisting), CS would just beep when the user tried to select a target.
  • Fixed some logic problems associated with preparing the "Access Restrictions" sheet window for display after access restrictions were already enabled.
  • Fixed a potential crashing bug that can occur when applying auto-exclusions to the root level of a synchronizer and the entries at the root level change while doing so.


March-31-2015 - Created from Internal Support Notes.