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Whatever your backup or sync scenario, ChronoSync Express has got you covered!

A synchronization takes two folders and makes them identical to each other. Any modification to a file in one folder will get copied to the other folder and vice versa. Synchronizations are useful when you have a set of documents that you want to work on in two places. The classic example is a desktop computer at work and a laptop computer that you take home. Synchronizations are also useful in work environments where a common set of files is shared on a server between multiple individuals.

Set up your synchronization

In ChronoSync Express, you configure a synchronization by specifying your targets. Targets are designated Left and Right. You will typically specify a folder on your local computer for your left target and a folder on a remote computer as your right. You then change the Operation to Synchronize Bidirectional. At this point, basic configuration is complete and you may click the Synchronize button to get the job done. Of course, ChronoSync Express offers dozens of customizable options that allow you to fine-tune you synchronization if you so choose.