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Whatever your backup or sync scenario, ChronoSync Express has got you covered!

Release Version:

  • Initial Release!
  • The ChronoSync Express system menu now displays Yosemite compatible icons.
  • Migrated away from several Yosemite deprecated APIs.
  • There's now a much shorter delay presenting results when performing a Trial Sync if a large number of files do not exist on one side of the sync.
  • Fixed a cosmetic issue in the Trial Sync selector sheet that could prevent the proper display of icons in the File/Folder information pane.
  • Fixed a bug that would not correctly detect changes to a directory that was being enumerated if the change occurred at the very end of enumeration.
  • Fixed a bug whereby certain types of readiness test failures that should prevent a scheduled sync from occurring would not prevent the sync
  • Fixes a bug that could cause excessive resource consumption when a Daylight Savings Time transition occurs in some geographic regions.
  • Minor interface fixes.
  • Added French, German and Japanese translations.
  • Fixed various minor UI glitches.
  • Improved UI display and performance under Yosemite.
  • Improved Package File analysis logic.
  • Improved fault tolerance by accounting for potentially corrupt initialization values.
  • Improved application security and stability.
  • Added logic to work-around deficiencies when communicating with certain network file systems.
  • Updated the bootable backup blacklist of files and folders not copied.
  • Fixed a hang that could occur on document open.
  • More efficient file-system traversal and progress reporting when copying package files.
  • Optimized the retrieving and setting of File Info data.
  • NAS devices that report erroneous file system information no longer cause sync/backup tasks to abort.
  • Relaxed all internal constraints regarding the maximum length of file paths.
  • Improved compatibility with OpenZFS file systems.
  • Fixed a bug whereby package files that contained HFS compressed files would incorrectly report progress when copying them.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause symbolic links created on a destination to have an incorrect group ID.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause post-sync volume ejection to fail if the Synchronizer Document performing the task is open.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause lost agent connections when scanning a folder whose files contained an excessively large amount of extended attribute data.
  • Fixed a bug that could result in an incomplete package file if an agent connection was dropped while the package was being copied.
  • Fixed a bug that could result in a corrupt (and un-openable) sync document because of the way each target's volume icon is encoded in the document.
  • Fixed a bug that could result in hangs when running with a UI and displaying a dynamically changing file system in the Analyze Panel.
  • Fixed a bug that would generate a meaningless error message if certain types of problems occurred when scanning a folder.
  • Fixed a potential crashing bug that can occur when applying and removing auto-exclusions to the root level of a synchronizer and the entries at the root level change while doing so.
  • The Document Organizer can now recover from a corrupt document list and won't crash the app on startup if that happens.
  • Fixed a bug in the Delete, Rename and Duplicate functions whereby it was assumed that if the corresponding document was loaded in memory, it would have a UI and thus would crash if it didn't. This was possible because it could be in memory as part of a scheduled sync.
  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur when closing synchronizer document windows after certain sequences of actions were performed.
  • Yosemite/El Capitan native user interface.
  • More efficient package handling via the new "Merge" option.
  • Checksum data verification on ChronoAgent connections.
  • New "Prompt User" scheduling option.
  • Push Notifications sent to the ChronoMonitor iPhone/iPad app.
  • User editable document notes.
  • Significant Voice-Over accessibility improvements.
  • Numerous popover windows including Document Info and Readiness Info.
  • Animated system menu when scheduled tasks are running.
  • Performance enhancements through the use of better memory management.
  • Numerous tweaks and bug fixes.
  • Added a 'Auto-exclude new items' feature that includes a 'Root level only' option. This option excludes any new files or folders from getting backed up or synchronized.
  • Added better file not found error handling where the synchronizer document will ignore the error if a refresh confirms the item does not exist on both targets.
  • Updated online help.
  • Fixed a bug when restoring a file from the archive whereby the test to see if the destination path existed was factoring the package handling setting of the target.
  • Fixed a bug whereby archive handling was not being temporarily disabled when restoring a file from the archive.
  • Fixed a bug whereby if a folder enumeration error occurred on a non-empty, leaf sync node, the sync processing would not flag & respond to the error.
  • Fixed an auto-layout bug that could clip the "When deleting files" label.
  • Fixed a bug whereby changing targets on a previously run synchronization could result in a crash.
  • Fixed a bug whereby folders that have the UAppend, UChg, SAppend or SChg BSD flags set would not have their modification dates preserved.
  • Fixed a bug whereby a sync document that was maintaining an archive, but then had archiving disabled, would still factor in the maintenance scan count in the progress reporting.
  • Fixed a bug that could misrepresent the "% full" value displayed in a target's setup pane if the target volume were extremely large.
  • Fixed a bug whereby if ChronoSync need to update an alias file after it had been copied, it would not do so using bookmark-style aliases.
  • Fixed a problem that occurred when renaming files on certain NAS devices.
  • Enhancements:
  • Compatible with the latest versions of ChronoAgent (1.6.0) and InterConneX (1.2.1).
  • Enhanced recovery from broken/bad network connections (when connected to ChronoAgent).
  • More optimal WAN settings are used when connected to a ChronoAgent over the internet.
  • Better handling of file systems that are dynamically changing while being scanned.
  • Better compatibility with local iCloud Drive storage.
  • The background scheduler now deals with system sleep cycles much better.
  • More efficient Analysis Report generation.
  • Post sync dismounting or ejection now only occurs if the sync runs through to completion.
  • Now tries harder to preserve sync state history after changing connection profiles.
  • More efficient display of entries in the Trial Sync Selector window.
  • Displays the correct remote machine icon when connected to ChronoAgent v1.6.0 or newer.
  • Fixes:
  • Automatic exclusions at root level of volumes were not working.
  • More accurate updating of readiness messages when a target connection state changes and/or failures.
  • Any backup that targeted the root level of the boot volume would not reconstruct alias files that get copied.
  • Closing a sync document window within 1-2 seconds of sync completion could potentially cause a crash.
  • Archive deletion and restore operations did not have their initial log entries bookmarked.
  • The ability to mirror Sync Logs to a file was not working.
  • User/group mapping on a ChronoAgent connection could be temporarily disabled when encountering large folders and updating the the Sync Document UI at the same time.
  • The "Saving..." progress indicator at sync completion was not visible on Yosemite & El Capitan systems.
  • In rare instances, closing a sync document window while actively editing text in a field could have caused a crash.
  • A flaw in the networking logic could have terminated active connections erroneously.
  • The Document Organizer was erroneously displaying duplicate entries after performing duplication & rename operations in a certain sequence.
  • The Sync Log window could not be opened in the midst of performing a Restore, Delete or Archive Restore operation.
  • Eliminated some long stalls that could occur when a large number of files were selected on the Analyze Panel and those files changed state in the file system.
  • If opening a bootable backup document that could not connect to either target, it was possible the document would spontaneously change to a ‘regular’ (non-bootable) backup.
  • A layout problem with the readiness popover window could clip its content.
  • Fixed a bug that was sometimes causing scheduled syncs to crash at the end of a synchronization.
  • Fixed a bug where post-sync tasks including emails, local notifications, push notifications and post-sync scripts were being improperly executed.
  • Fixed a bug where a "Scheduler out-of-date" error message was sometimes displaying on launch.
  • Enhancements:
  • Better macOS Sierra compatibility.
  • File extension rules can now take a comma-separated list of extensions.
  • Increased logging capacity and better ‘auto-snapping’ behavior.
  • Can now initiate drags from the Document Organizer.
  • Sorting improvements to the Analyze Panel.
  • Fixes:
  • Default window sizes could not always be changed in General Preferences.
  • Completion sounds would still play if the global default was turned off.
  • Tabbing through all fields in any sheet window would sometimes not work.
  • Visual artifacts were sometimes appearing in the Analyze Panel when files were deleted.
  • The path selector in the Archive Panel would sometimes fail to update after changing targets.
  • Turning ON the file modification or size trigger on a previously run synchronizer will now work as expected.
  • Blind sync mode will no longer sync attributes on all folders if the size trigger is ON.
  • The Return and Enter keys are now properly mapped to the Synchronize button in the Trial Sync window.
  • Container Synchronizers no longer report erratic progress in the Scheduled Documents window.
  • Stability improvements when running Container Synchronizers.
  • Stability improvements when connected to InterConneX targets.
  • Scheduled items more accurately respond to changes in their associated Synchronizer Document.
  • Eliminated visual artifacts that sometimes appeared when highlighting a drag destination.
  • Bug Fixes:
  • Email notifications can now be sent through Office365 mail servers.
  • Right-to-left date roll-back warnings are no longer counted as errors.
  • Corrupt synchronizer documents should no longer cause the program to crash.
  • Can now edit scheduled items whose corresponding synchronizer document cannot be located.
  • If a partition scheme for a target volume cannot be determined, an exception is no longer raised.
  • No longer crashes if an offline target becomes available the instant a synchronizer document is closed.
  • Eliminated some visual artifacts when switching document panels on macOS Sierra.


  • Added Setup and Modifier Assistants.
  • Redesigned Schedule Editor.
  • Added 'Preserve Resource Forks' to Options->Special File/Folder Handling.
  • Improved Analyze Panel efficiency and thread safety.
  • Added support for Cut, Copy, Paste, and Duplicate to Rules Panel Intermediate and Advanced modes.
  • Added support for rule deletion via the DELETE key.


  • Changed some terminology throughout the App from "Document" to "Task" and from "Sync Document" to "Task Document."
  • Update the Log including formatting changes, stability improvements, bug fixes and performance increases.
  • Selecting "Open Other..." in the ChronoSync Express organizer now defaults to the "Documents" folder as specified in Preferences.
  • Any "After ChronoSync Express Launches" or "Before ChronoSync Express Quits" event-based scheduled items will not execute when ChronoSync Express is launched/quit by virtue of a scheduled task. Only user-invoked launches/quits will trigger these tasks to execute. Note: "After ChronoSync Express Launches" tasks will now execute about five seconds after ChronoSync Express is launched.
  • Updated Localizations.
  • Updated Online Help (English).

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the preference setting for the ChronoSync Express task documents folder was not being maintained properly.
  • Fixed a bug whereby creating new task documents, or performing a "Save as..." on an existing one, would not result in that document appearing in the the ChronoSync Express Organizer window.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the alert sheet displayed when a connection profile change was detected would display "%@" for the document name.
  • Fix an auto-layout bug that caused some elements in the Organizer window to wrap their contents on older systems.
  • Fixed a bug whereby removable media targets that have "Prompt" enabled would not display a user prompt if the media was offline.
  • Fixed a bug whereby when opening a task document that initially displays the Archive Panel, the current archive path was not being displayed.
  • Fixed bug whereby the app could crash if closing a sync or container task window with it's corresponding log window open.
  • Fixed several minor memory leaks.
  • Fixed a small logic error when loading a rule from a file.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if two threads access the same File Icon cache.
  • Fixed a bug whereby presenting the 'Prompt to Sync' notifications could steal focus away from the current app on some systems.
  • Fixed a bug whereby waiting for the ChronoSync Express application to quit could result in an indefinite hang.
  • Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug whereby the test for nested folders in the Multi-Folder Assistant could easily be tricked by partially matching folder names.
  • Updated some outdated copyright dates.
  • Changed the minimum OS version to 10.10.


  • Enjoy full Mojave Dark Mode Support or customize ChronoSync Express Preferences to choose the display mode independent of Mojave.
  • Many New ChronoSync Express Organizer features including:
    • Tagging task documents to better organize them.
    • Using Alert Icons for quick information about troubled backups.
    • New Sorting Options to more easily find Tasks.
    • Activating the new 'Action' Popup Menu or enhanced 'Action' icons to launch or open backups.
    • Quickly viewing Sync Task Logs directly from the Organizer Window.
  • Assign creative and recognizable Custom Target Names in task documents.
  • Use the Scheduler Menubar menu to review 'Running Scheduled Tasks'.
  • Review Sync Task Logs directly from the Scheduled Tasks Manager window without opening the task document.
  • New Task Container 'Documents Panel' allows 'Notes' about the container as well as offering new details about each contained task.
  • Added rudimentary Touch Bar support.
  • Updated default Sync Triggers.
  • Updated Online Help.
  • Updated Translations.
  • Numerous tweaks to non-English layouts.


  • The 'Request for insertion' user-prompt displayed when CSX is prompting for removable media will now timeout after 2 minutes as if the user hit 'Cancel'.
  • Testing a remote CA/ICX connection now takes place in a background thread and won't block the entire UI.
  • Added logic so that the "Show ChronoSync Express Menu" preference setting is asserted to NO if the Background Scheduler is not presently running. Attempting to change this value to YES will launch the Background Scheduler. If that fails, the preference value is not changed.
  • The File Manager now returns the 'IsAlias' key/value from the augmentedFileAttributesAtPath: call.
  • The Backup Home Folder assistant now defaults to having the Library folder un-selected.
  • When a preference pane is first displayed, we now explicitly remove focus from any controls.
  • Updated all the resources to transition away from using red text to present a duplicate folder/file name warnings.
  • Added /.PKInstallSandboxManager and /.PKInstallSandboxManager-SystemSoftware to the bootable blacklist.

Bug Fixes:


  • Fixed a bug that could cause "Open & Sync" and "Open & Trial Sync" to fail because we weren't waiting for the targets to verify.
  • Fixed a bug whereby if you attempted to open a task document from the Organizer window and that task was presently running as a scheduled task, you would receive two error messages to that effect.
  • Fixed a bug whereby duplicated task documents were not retaining metadata.
  • Fixed a bug (maybe) where the ‘Path:’ label (in the file info popup window in the Organizer) would sometimes not be vertically aligned with its corresponding path data field on older version of macOS.
  • Disabled an annoying behavior whereby the Organizer window would clear any selection whenever it was displayed from a hidden state.


  • Fixed a bug whereby the Scheduled Tasks Manager floating window would only become key if you clicked in a control that accepted keystrokes.


  • Fixed a bug whereby you could not target a sub-folder in an InterConneX sharespace.
  • Added logic to prevent an esoteric problem whereby aborting a sync operation at the precise moment that an error was about to be displayed to the user would result in the error sheet window having its 'Abort' button disabled and hence the user could not dismiss the error message.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the pop-down triangle on the toolbar pathname control was being displayed on top of the pathname text.
  • Fixed a bug whereby multiple requests to update the currently selected file's information could cause a backlog of worker threads waiting to update the same information. This was most likely to happen if the underlying file manager had a high latency e.g. was based on a cloud storage provider or was a remote SMB connection, and wasn't returning the requested metadata fast enough.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the Restorer or Deleter could potentially display an error message with all buttons disabled, giving the user no choice but to force quit to exit the program.
  • Reduced the likelihood of a visual artifact occurring on the Options panel when first expanding any sub-panels.
  • Fixed an extremely theoretical bug associated with managing the control panels array in the Options panel.


  • Fixed a bug whereby the pop-down triangle on the toolbar pathname control was being displayed on top of the pathname text.


  • Fixed a bug whereby the pop-down triangle on the toolbar pathname control was being displayed on top of the pathname text.
  • Fixed a bug whereby log messages posted when a Container Synchronizer was performing a scheduled execution would not be formatted correctly.


  • Fixed a bug whereby Arbitrary Folder and Multiple Folders Assistants were not properly enabling the "Don't create empty folders" setting of the generate sync tasks(s) if document-type filtering was enabled.
  • Added logic to workaround an apparent OS bug whereby if clicking the view to bring up the target selector sheet resulted in an accidental double-click, the parent window would be maximized or minimized, depending on your Dock behavior setting for double-clicks in a window's title bar (all assistants that utilize this UI for selecting targets/paths).


  • Fixed a bug whereby errors caused by a file server’s lack of support for pre- allocation would result in a failed file copy.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the Readiness Manager was not correctly determining destination targets when 'mirror' mode was in effect.
  • Fixed a bug whereby it was possible for the Synchronizer to display an error with all buttons disabled, giving the user no choice but to force quit to exit the program.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the progress bar in the progress sheet was sometimes being updated from a background thread.
  • Fixed a bug whereby if copying a folder that has a custom icon, and the folder has restrictive permissions (e.g. r-x —- —-), an error will be generated when trying to apply the custom icon to the folder. This will result in the folder as a whole being flagged with an error, which leads to deletion. No files/folder within it will be copied and will all generate errors.
  • The "Backups.backupdb" blacklist check is now case insensitive.


  • Fixed a bug whereby symbolic links and aliases were improperly handled when comparing files.


  • Fixed a bug that could result in ChronoSync Express displaying its user interface when it was launched for a background synchronization.


  • Fixed a bug whereby changing the enabled state of a tab-view item would not necessarily result in a visual update on screen. This happened on Mojave but not older OS’s.
  • Fixed a memory leak in the task template manager when responding to changes in the set of installed templates.
  • Fixed an age-old bug whereby template files had their names translated on installation. This led to multiple copies of the template files being installed every time you ran ChronoSync Express under a different language.


  • Added logic to the sync task document loader so that it can better deal with potentially damaged task documents.
  • Significantly reduced the size of the scheduler database and the overhead of loading/saving it.
  • More efficiently instantiate scheduled items from the scheduled items database to handle potentially corrupt elements.
  • Modified how the scheduled item database gets saved so that multiple changes made in quick succession are coalesced before saving.
  • Reduced app activation overhead by no longer reconstructing the Templates contextual menu on every activation of the app.
  • Added logic that ensures any excluded file-pair does not have any other status set.
  • The background scheduler now does all of its schedule evaluation and task dispatch in a background thread, moving it out of the main thread.
  • Enhanced the scheduler diagnostic messages which can be turned on to help resolve scheduler problems.
  • Changed the algorithm for choosing temporary file names in InnerConneX sharespace targets.
  • Added logic whereby device model number and interface are not used to strict identify volumes.
  • Incorporated the latest version of Setapp SDK.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug whereby marking a folder node for exclusion would release all children and setup a potential crash for any other code that has retained a direct reference to one of those children. This is possible in Trial Sync and sync-selection scenarios.
  • Added logic to the outermost node processing loop that checks each node’s exclusion state before attempting to process it to prevent unwanted operations and/or potential crashes.
  • Fixed a bug whereby when editing a previously created "When independent volume mounts" scheduled item, a "Connect" message was not being sent to the independent volume specifier. Thus the volume would always appear as "Not available" in the user interface even though it was.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the checkboxes used to enable individual, simple rules were not visible when running German or Japanese as the primary language.
  • Fixed a bug whereby package merging between a source file system that supports millisecond timestamps (APFS) and a destination that doesn't could result in failure to efficiently merge.
  • Fixed a bug when communicating with an InterConneX sharespace as a target whereby it was not likely it was going to be able to copy into a locked folder.
  • Fixed a bug whereby if invoking a Trial Sync and target validation failed, subsequent attempts to invoke a standard sync (after correcting the cause of the validation failure) would invoke Trial Sync again unexpectedly.
  • Fixed a bug whereby enabling the "Use background scheduler" checkbox would sometimes not "stick" because the setting was getting undone by other user-interface logic.


  • Improved support for synchronizing files with iPads and iPhones via InterConneX.
  • Improved support for macOS Catalina.
  • The 'Ignore Invisibles' file handling setting now defaults to ON for all newly created sync tasks.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed several bugs related to invoking Trial Synchronizations, the Home Folder Backup Assistant and the "Read-Only Destination" readiness warning.

Enhancements and Changes:

  • Implemented the ability to automatically convert targets in pre-Catalina sync tasks that were referencing the read-only System volume of the boot APFS volume group.
  • If the application is instructed to terminate due to a system shutdown or restart, and there are currently scheduled syncs running, the warning dialog that tells the user about the running sync will auto-dismiss after 10 seconds. If this happens, the app will behave as if the user instructed the dialog to abort all syncs and terminate. If the user interacts with the dialog within the 10 second window, system shutdown/restart can be cancelled.
  • On application termination, will now shut down any active Bonjour service listeners before quitting.
  • Now refuses to scan the contents of /System/Volumes if running on Catalina.
  • Now relies solely on bookmark objects instead of alias objects to track the location of various files and folders. This affects the location of:
    • The main 'Tasks' (aka 'Sync Documents') folder.
    • Any sync task ever opened by ChronoSync Express and tracked in the Organizer.
    • A scheduled item's reference to the sync task that is scheduled.
    • A container sync task's reference to all contained sync tasks.
  • Added intelligence whereby if resolving a security scoped bookmark fails, but it can be resolved without a security scope, the bookmark converts itself to non-security scoped. This at least allows the bookmark to be resolved even though the user may or may not be able to access the referenced document.
  • When selecting a target, a new VolumeSpecifier object is now always created even if the new target resides on the same volume as the previous target to prevent potential problems whereby not all properties of the volume are collected, and some of those properties may have changed since the target was last specified.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed some bugs related to choosing targets on the 'Data' volume of an APFS Volume Group (on Catalina).
  • Fixed a deadlock caused by overzealous thread locks.
  • Fixed a bug whereby dragging a folder to one of the targets would fail to specify that target if the folder resided on a 'Data' volume of an APFS volume group that was NOT the boot volume group.
  • Fixed a bug whereby some localized Setapp strings were missing.
  • Fixed a bug whereby entering a blank value in the "Max retry attempts" field (when scheduling tasks) would raise an exception.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the Container Sync progress bar was sometimes being updated from a background thread.
  • Fixed a bug whereby if the user had selected a file-pair in Analyze and the program was in the midst of fetching file information as a result, and the user then switched back to Setup and selected a different file manager, the program could crash when trying to display the results of the file information fetch that was still pending.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the Resource Fork Unsupported Readiness Test would generate a warning even if the sync task had 'preserve resource forks' set to NO.
  • Fixed a bug whereby attempting to create the parent path of a nested item which had no parent (usually in response to issuing 'Sync Selection') would produce unexpected results if the logic had to ascend all the way to the root level to recreate the folder hierarchy. This could result in unexpectedly synchronizing all files or creating a new destination folder outside of the sync tree.
  • Fixed some bugs in the archive management logic whereby assumptions were being made about the location of the sync task archive. This could cause some features to break if the archive were located anywhere but at the root level of the corresponding target.

Changes & Enhancements:

  • If running on macOS Catalina (or later), the Background Scheduler uses the UUID of the corresponding 'Data' volume to prevent a situation whereby an OS update causes a change in the UUID of the System volume.
  • If running on macOS Catalina (or later), the configured system identifier stored in Task Documents is derived from the UUID of the corresponding 'Data' volume to prevent a situation whereby an OS update causes a change in the UUID of the System volume.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug whereby a file-folder pair (i.e. folder on one side, file on the other, both with the same name) marked for synchronization would not display a status icon in both the Analyze panel or the Trial Sync Selector sheet window.
  • Fixed a bug whereby a file-folder pair (i.e. folder on one side, file on the other, both with the same name) was likely to generate a folder enumeration error when running a Trial Sync (the error was benign if the user just ignored it).
  • Fixed a bug whereby the 'Last Synchronized' timestamp displayed at the bottom of Container Task windows was being cut off.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash if evaluating an empty pathname.

Changes & Enhancements:

  • Implemented additional logic when attempting to move files to the trash so that any restrictive ACLs are temporarily removed from the files to ensure success.
  • Modernized the file lock/unlock routines.
  • Disabled some irrelevant Readiness Warnings.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug whereby, with a certain combination of task settings, the Analysis Report would fail to print the last page of the report.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the auto-conversion of a sync task created pre-Catalina would potentially cause a hang if BOTH the source and destination targets were referencing the newly created ‘Data’ volume on Catalina.
  • Fixed a bug whereby deleting a file from the archive during the maintenance phase of a synchronization would fail if the folder containing that file was locked.
  • Fixed a bug whereby creating a folder in the archive during the course of a synchronization would fail if the parent folder in the archive was locked.