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Whatever your backup or sync scenario, ChronoSync Express has got you covered!

Below are guides that were created for ChronoSync but also apply to ChronoSync Express. Additional guides for ChronoSync can be found here.

Connect Macs over a network

Network Connections

Explains various methods to connect a Mac over a wired or wireless network to another Mac, another computer, Network Area Storage drive, or an external drive on another computer.

Connect your Mac to another Mac

Direct Connect

Explains various methods of how to connect your Mac directly to another Mac to backup or sync files.

Set up connection profiles

Configuring Connection Profiles

This guide covers how to set up a connection profile so that you can communicate directly with another computer that has ChronoAgent installed or a iPhone or iPad that has InterConneX installed.

File sharing between two Macs

Video: File Sharing Between two Macs

File Sharing is one method for connecting your ChronoSync Express Mac to another Mac, PC, Server, or Network Attached Storage (NAS). Watch and follow along with this video to learn how to create a File Sharing connection between two Macs.