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Excluding a File or Folder


One of the most powerful aspects of ChronoSync Express is the ability to define rules that determine which files should be scanned or ignored. Setting up rules can be a little intimidating, however, especially if you're trying to just exclude a specific file or folder. Here's a quick and easy way to exclude specific files or folders without ever having to visit the Rules panel!

Step #1.

Open an existing Synchronizer document, or create a new one (with a new document, be sure to set your Left and Right target folders before proceeding).

Step #2.

Switch to the Analyze panel.

Step #3.

Locate the files and/or folders you wish to exclude. Click on the disclosure triangles to expand folders if you need to look inside them (to expand all sub-folders in a single step, hold down the "option" key while you click).

Step #4.

Select a file or folder you wish to exclude and choose "Exclude" from the Actions menu. You'll notice that the status for the file or folder changes to ''. The excluded file/folder will now be ignored when running a synchronization.

exclude file when synchronizing

Step #5.

To undo the effects of an exclude (i.e. to 'include' it again), select the excluded file and choose "Include" from the Actions menu. The status of the file/folder will return to normal and it will be included in the analysis scan of your next synchronization.

Step #6.

If you find yourself frequently needing to exclude and include selected files, you can make the process easier by adding the Include and Exclude commands to your toolbar. To do this, choose "Customize Toolbar..." from the "View" menu and drag the "Exclude" or "Include" icons into your Toolbar.


As usual, all status changes you make in the Analyze panel are saved with your document. Note that if you exclude a folder, all files and folders located inside it will be excluded. This is a convenient way to exclude large branches of the synchronization tree.