Synchronize. Backup. Manual. Automatic.

Whatever your backup or sync scenario, ChronoSync Express has got you covered!

A backup takes a set of files and copies them to another location. The destination can be an external hard drive attached to your computer, a remote file server, or both! When a modification to a file is made, it is copied to the destination. ChronoSync Express intelligently analyzes the changes so only the new and/or modified files get copied.

Deletions and modifications can also be archived so you will have backup copies of older documents, too. Any backed up file can be restored, if necessary, but only at your command - unlike synchronizations, backed up files will never overwrite their original counterpart unless you tell them to.

Set up your backup

In ChronoSync Express, you configure a backup by specifying your targets. Targets are designated Left and Right. You will typically specify a folder on your computer for your left target - the files you wish to backup. Your backup destination is typically a folder on an external hard drive or a remote file server. This gets specified as your right target.

You then change the Operation to Backup Left-to-Right, signifying that you want to backup all files in the left target to the right target. At this point, basic configuration is complete and you may click the Synchronize button to get the backup on its way (don’t worry about the terminology - a backup is a synchronization in only one direction). Of course, ChronoSync Express offers dozens of customizable options that allow you to fine-tune your backup if you so choose.