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TNCS-0007 - Troubleshooting 'Scheduled Sync Settings Not Saved'

September 12, 2014


Each ChronoSync Express sync document can be scheduled to run multiple times, so there is not a one-to-one relationship between sync documents and their schedule settings. The 'Add To Schedule' toolbar icon displayed at the top of your sync document window will create a new schedule event for the sync document rather than allow you to modify the existing schedule settings. Use the steps described below to view scheduled sync documents and to modify the schedule settings.


To modify an existing schedule, Open the Scheduled Documents Manager Window by visiting the ChronoSync Express menu bar and clicking the “Window->Scheduled Documents Manager” item.

The Scheduled Documents Manager Window allows you to view, delete, and edit all your scheduled syncs. Double click on a scheduled sync in the list to edit its schedule settings. You might find multiple entries in the scheduled items list for the same sync document if you've been using the 'Add to Schedule' button to try to change schedule settings. You can delete duplicate scheduled items without affecting your saved sync document.

Just be sure to modify the one sync schedule you keep to set the days and times you actually want to sync. Leave the Scheduled Documents Manager window visible and it will be displayed the next time you startup ChronoSync Express. You can learn more about the Scheduled Documents Manager Window by reviewing our "Scheduled Documents Manager Tour" guide.

Now test to verify that your scheduled syncs run as expected. If problems persist, then continue with the next steps in the Scheduled Sync Troubleshooting Guide


Sep-12-2014 - Created from Internal Support Notes.