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TNCS-0008 - Missed Sync Behavior

September 12, 2014


Scheduled syncs can be missed for a variety of reasons. When a scheduled sync cannot be attempted for one of these reasons, ChronoSync Express will act according to the Missed Sync Behavior settings in the ChronoSync Express Scheduler Preference pane.


Missed syncs occur when the system running the ChronoSync Express scheduler is asleep, the user is logged out, or the system is shutdown/turned off when the designated time for a scheduled sync comes due. In those cases, the action the user has chosen for "Missed Sync Behavior:" will be invoked for the scheduled sync as soon as the system is awoken, or the user logs in.

The Missed Sync options include:

“Ignore” - Which means do nothing. Do not attempt to run the missed sync until the next scheduled date and time.

“Post error to Scheduler Log” - An error message reporting the missed sync will be logged in the Scheduler Log.

“Run Immediately” - ChronoSync Express will try to run the missed sync the next time the background scheduler is running.

You should keep in mind that a missed sync is a scheduled sync that was never attempted at its last scheduled time. That is not the same thing as a scheduled sync that is attempted but fails to complete (e.g. one of the targets is not available). Those are considered failed syncs. Failed syncs are managed by setting the Schedule 'Options' where you can enable and configure the 'Retry on errors' options.

To modify the Missed Sync Behavior, just launch ChronoSync Express, choose the ChronoSync Express Menu->Preferences, and switch to the 'Scheduler' preference pane.


Sep-12-2014 - Created from Internal Support Notes.