Keep a Finger on the Pulse of Your ChronoAgents

Monitor your ChronoAgents & receive notifications from ChronoSync.

Configure a ChronoMonitor to watch your backups and syncs

A session is any connection that has been established with ChronoAgent be it simply to test connection settings or to run a full remote backup. ChronoAgent logs each of its sessions and ChronoMonitor provides a convenient way to view them. Simply tap the ‘Sessions’ cell and you’re presented with the session history.

Active sessions are open connections that the ChronoAgent is handling right now. ChronoSync synchronizations are listed by name.

Recent sessions show a reverse chronological list of sessions that ChronoAgent has handled in the recent past.

Configure a ChronoMonitor to watch your backups and syncs

Simply tap a session in the Sessions list to obtain more detailed information. If the session was associated with a synchronization, a summary of the synchronization is displayed. Other information includes the client name, duration of sessions and how much information was transferred.