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Understanding the Information

When you select a ChronoMonitor in the "Agent Monitors" list, you are taken to the main information screen. On this screen, you can view the stats of the ChronoAgent being monitored.

ChronoMonitor information

The "Connections" graph takes up most the screen. This shows the transmission of the data.

Connections - How many active connections are there to the Agent being monitored.
Rx - Bytes received over the network socket.
Tx - Bytes transmitted over the network socket.

The top cell in the main view is the "Monitor Status Cell". This informs you of the status of the connection. Each status has its own indicator light. A green light indicates "Connected", red for "Not Connected" or gray for "Offline". Once you tap on it, it takes you to the Monitor Log.

On the main screen, the Version section also has indicator lights to inform you of its status. A green light means that the version of ChronoAgent being monitored is up to date. A yellow indicator light means that an update is available. Once you tap on the Version section, it takes you to the Version information screen which shows information on the ChronoAgent (and its machine) that you're monitoring.

If there are no errors, the Errors section will have a green indicator light. A yellow light will inform you of errors that occurred. Tapping on the Errors section will take you to the Errors information screen.

When an indicator light is not green, you'll see a "Reset" button at the top of the screen. You can tap on this button to reset things; this basically tells ChronoMonitor that you've viewed the issues and are OK with resetting. Each screen has its own Reset button. You can reset a section individually or you can tap on the main screen Reset button to reset all sections at once.

ChronoMonitor information

Monitor Log

The "Monitor Log" is a log of the connections (failed or not) to this Agent. It provides the date and time of the attempted connection and a status of that attempt. The status will let you know if the connection was made, dropped or if a connection was unable to be made. The log also shows the duration of each connection - how long ChronoMonitor was paying attention to that agent.

ChronoMonitor information


Selecting "Version" will take you to the Version information screen. Information on the ChronoAgent version and license status can be found here. Some basic information of the ChronoAgent's Mac can also be found here.

When a new version is available, you can select "Shipping Version" to see a listing of what's in the latest version of ChronoAgent.

ChronoMonitor information


Choosing "Errors" will take you to the Errors information screen. If the agent has crashed, ChronoMonitor will inform you of when the crash occurred. Agents shouldn't crash. If this happens, this signifies a problem and you should contact tech support. Dropped connections means that a ChronoAgent session was terminated by something other than a clean logout. It may or may not signify a problem. Failed logins can be a clue that someone is trying to crack the username/password of an agent.

A list of the recent errors is provided here (in version 1.4 only).

ChronoMonitor information


If you select "Sessions", you'll be taken to the Sessions information screen. Here you can view the "Active" and most "Recent" sessions. Active shows who is connected to the agent at this point in time. You'll always at least see one "Observer" - yourself! You can tap a session to show details about that specific session, who it is from, how much data it is transferring and how long it has lasted.

A list of the recent sessions is provided in version 1.4 only.