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How To Set Up ChronoMonitor

ChronoMonitor is an iOS app that remotely monitors ChronoAgents. It provides information on the health of each ChronoAgent. Currently four things are monitored: Connection, Performance, Version, Errors.

Add agent to monitor

Step #1: Create a list.

Upon initial launch of ChronoMonitor, you are presented with a blank list. This list can accommodate up to twenty Agents to be monitored. A quick glance of this list will inform you of the status or health of an Agent.

To get started monitoring the ChronoAgents in your network, click on the plus ('+') button to add an Agent to monitor. This opens the "Add Monitor" screen where you can put in the necessary information to set up the monitoring.

Set up your ChronoMonitor

Step #2: Fill in the blanks.

Start by tapping the "Monitor Name" field and giving your monitor a unique name so that you'll be able to identify it later in the Agent Monitors list.

Next, choose how you'd like to connect to the Agent. If you choose by "Name", a list of those agents on your network will be available for selection. If you choose by "Address", you can specify the IP address (or Host Name) and Port number. This way is especially useful if you wish to connect to a WAN.

Set IP Address of agent

Step #3: Cellular connection.

If you wish to set up a monitor to access an Agent via IP Address, you would choose "Address" in the "Connect to Agent" field instead of "Name". Here you will need to know the IP Address and Port Number of the Agent you're trying to reach. They are both available in System Preferences under the Status panel of ChronoAgent.

The "Accessed on WAN" switch should be turned ON in order to monitor ChronoAgent on a WWAN (cellular network). If this setting is turned OFF, ChronoMonitor will know that a Wi-Fi connection is needed instead of WWAN.

ChronoAgent must be set up with a Static IP or Dynamic DNS in order for ChronoMonitor to make a connection over a WWAN (cellular network). Learn how to set up ChronoAgent.

The "Test Reachability" option tests if it can reach a computer at the specified address and that a ChronoAgent exists at the specified port.

Step #4: Test settings.

To authenticate the connection, you must provide the username and password of the Agent you're monitoring. It's always a good idea to test your settings before saving to ensure that the ChronoMonitor was set up correctly. Once verified, click on "Save" to close the window. You'll now see this monitor in the "Monitors" list.

Monitors to monitor ChronoAgents

Step #5: Keep tabs.

Once you've created one or more monitors, the "Agent Monitors" list shows all the Agents that have been chosen to be monitored. Selecting one will show you all of the information associated with that monitor. Next to each monitor, an indicator light shows the status of each monitor:

Red - The monitor is unable to connect to the Agent.
Yellow - There was some problem with the Agent. You can view and take care of the error(s) and then "Reset" the monitor to get it to a healthy state.
Green - Everything is running without issue.
Gray - The Agent is offline or inactive.