Keep a Finger on the Pulse of Your ChronoAgents

Monitor your ChronoAgents & receive notifications from ChronoSync.

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ChronoMonitor Settings

ChronoMonitor has a handful of settings that can be defined to customize your monitoring experience. To view these settings, launch the ChronoMonitor app and tap "Settings" at the lower right corner. Below are listed each setting and a description of it.

Setting up ChronoMonitor

Keep Device Awake

Enabling this keeps the device awake while using the app. It is enabled by default.

Network Binding

Turning this 'ON' means an attempt to connect to an agent is predicated on whether or not the application detects an available network interface to use. If there are no interfaces, no attempt is made. The only reason to turn this 'OFF' is that there are some cases where network reachability can only be determined once a connection attempt is made (connect on demand). If you are running under such a configuration, then a connection might never be attempted because the program thinks there is no available network.

Refresh Interval

How frequently ChronoMonitor samples from the main "Agents" list.

Reconnect Interval

To How frequently ChronoMonitor tries to reconnect to a non-connected agent.


Tap to configure push notifications. A new group of settings will be displayed (see below).

Activity Graph

Tap to configure the options available for the activity graph. You can turn ON or OFF the ability to view connections on the graph or whether or not to use logarithmic scaling on the graph.

Recent Error Events

The maximum number of recent error events that will be maintained in the "Errors" view (availabe with v1.4 agents only).

Recent Sessions

The maximum number of recent sessions that will be maintained in the "Sessions" view (availabe with v1.4 agents only).


The current version of ChronoMonitor.


When you tap 'Notifications' in the main Settings group, a new view with settings specific to push notifications will be displayed.

ChronoMonitor information

Receive Notifications

Turn this switch ON to enable the receiving of push notifications. When doing so, your phone will ask you if you want to allow ChronoMonitor to receive push notifications - say yes! After doing so, ChronoMonitor will contact our server and register itself. The whole process may take a few seconds.

Note: if this setting is OFF, none of the additional settings, below, will be visible.

Receiver ID

This is a unique ID code that identifies your device to the push notification system. Think of it as an email address but for push notifications, instead! This value needs to be entered in a field in your ChronoSync document (or scheduler configuration) so it knows where to send the notification. To facilitate entering the ID, tap on this cell and you'll be presented the option to send it as an email or text message. Then you can copy/paste it into ChronoSync!

Delete Read Messages

This is a time interval after which any message you've read will be deleted from your device. You typically don't need to re-read sync notification messages, so this is just a convenient way to keep them from piling up on your device. You can choose a range from 1 to 30 days — or you can select 'Never' to disable automatic deletion.

Message Types

You have the option of dictating what type of messages are received by your device. Currently there are two that you can disable: Software Update notices, which you will receive for all Econ products whenever a new version is released and Synchronizations, which are generated by ChronoSync. There may be more notification types in the future.