Keep a Finger on the Pulse of Your ChronoAgents

Monitor your ChronoAgents & receive notifications from ChronoSync.



ChronoMonitor can only connect to ChronoAgent v1.2.2 or newer. More diagnostics are available for ChronoAgent v1.3.x and later versions.
No. Apple guidelines prohibit such activities when the application is in the background. ChronoMonitor does establish contact with agents very quickly, however, so bringing up the app for a quick general overview is very convenient.
No. ChronoAgent does not store this information. The activity graph only shows the information collected by ChronoMonitor while it is observing that particular agent.
Not yet - stay tuned!
Push notifications are messages that are sent directly to your iPhone and are displayed on the lock screen and/or Notification Center. Unlike email, they are displayed automatically without you needing to actively retrieve them. Once a notification is received and displayed by the device, you can tap the notification to read more details in the ChronoMonitor app.

For more info, see:
Push notifications are sent from ChronoSync v4.6 (or newer) direct to your device by way of a back-end server that we've dedicated for this purpose. They can be sent whenever a sync, backup or scheduled event completes and contain a summary of the task.
Yes. The push notification itself is completely managed by Apple. We know nothing about your device or how the notification is even making its way to your device. The message behind the notification (what's displayed by the ChronoMonitor app) is transmitted over a secure, encrypted connection. The data is briefly stored on our server in a non-human readable form. It doesn’t contain any sensitive information other than the fact that a sync/backup occurred and the statistics associated with that task.