Secure, Reliable, Fast, Fast and Fast!

Simply the best way to synchronize or backup between Macs

If you use ChronoSync for file synchronization and backup between Macs, do you really need ChronoAgent? Technically, the answer is no - built-in file sharing will usually do the trick. The real answer, however, is that you will WANT to use ChronoAgent! It is simply the best way to achieve maximum security, reliability and performance. Here are some more features that ChronoAgent has to offer - and that built in file-sharing can't come close to matching!

Full access to Mac files

FULL ACCESS - While a file sharing connection allows you to transfer files back and forth, you cannot transfer ALL files back and forth. Files belonging to other user accounts or the operating system may not be accessible. Thus if you want to backup an entire computer, or at least a significant sub-set of files, traditional file sharing just won't cut it.

File scanning and transfer performance

PERFORMANCE - ChronoAgent is designed to work with ChronoSync and therefore is programmed to perform many tasks that ChronoSync is going to require. This leads to significantly better performance when scanning a file system for changes - often 2x or 3x faster than traditional file sharing!

Sync across the internet

WORLD-WIDE ACCESS - ChronoAgent can be configured for Internet access, thus opening up all sorts of new possibilities. This capability, used in combination with ChronoSync, InterConneX, or ChronoMonitor, will allow you to sync, backup, access, or monitor your files no matter where you happen to be. Now that's freedom!

Specific volume access

RESTRICTIONS - You don't like the idea of clients connecting to your ChronoAgent and having access to any volumes connected to it? No problem. Just tell ChronoAgent which volumes it should allow access to, and all other volumes instantly become off-limits.

Reliable connections during file transfer

RELIABILITY - A ChronoAgent connection is far more robust than a file sharing connection. Connection errors are detected and handled much faster than with file sharing. Connections can be optimized for WAN access and dropped connections can frequently be recovered.

Encrypted connections

SECURITY - An individual ChronoAgent connection can be encrypted at the "flip of a switch." Requiring ALL ChronoAgent connections to be encrypted is just as easy. This is important when communicating on public networks and over the internet.

ChronoAgent makes connections more accessible

ACCESSIBILITY - ChronoAgent makes it easier to configure ChronoSync to wake your remote Mac if it is sleeping. Thus you don't need to keep your computer running all the time just to perform unattended backups. A ChronoAgent configured computer can also automatically trigger a synchronization when it joins the network!

All-in-all a ChronoSync-ChronoAgent connection simply works better than traditional file sharing. The increased performance and reliability, fewer headaches and the added bonus of being able to access files via InterConneX makes ChronoAgent a worthy add-on to your Mac computing environment.