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Setup and sync with ChronoAgent

Setup and Sync with ChronoAgent

ChronoAgent is the recommended method for connecting to other Macs to sync or backup using ChronoSync. ChronoAgent is installed and setup on your non-ChronoSync Mac. Watch and follow along with these videos to learn how to install and configure ChronoAgent, then setup a Sync Document connecting to your ChronoAgent.

ChronoAgent vs. File Sharing

ChronoAgent vs. File Sharing - Ditch File Sharing for ChronoAgent

This video explains the differences between a ChronoAgent connection and a File Sharing connection, showing why a ChronoAgent connection is faster, more secure, and a better overall alternative to built-in File Sharing.

Remote bootable backups

Remote Bootable Backups

Pair ChronoAgent with ChronoSync and you can setup, maintain, and perform bootable backups to a remote Mac. Put ChronoAgent on a remote Mac and backup to it over the internet with a ChronoSync Mac.