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InterConneX works on the concept of sharespaces. A sharespace is simply a place where files are stored - think of them as mini disk drives. Sharespaces can be local - storing files on the iPhone or iPad itself, or they can be remote - located on another iPhone or iPad. Throw ChronoAgent into the mix and a remote sharespace can exist on your Mac, turning it into a mass storage device for your iPhone or iPad!

With a ChronoAgent sharespace defined, you can access ALL the files on your Mac from your iPhone or iPad. All the same basic file management operations you can perform in Finder (copy, duplicate, rename, group, etc) can now be performed right from your iOS device. What else can you do?

List view mode

Browsing a remote home folder in list view mode.

SHARE FILES WITH YOURSELF - Your iPad and iPhone have limited space so it's unlikely that you can put all the files on your Mac onto them. InterConneX solves this problem and gives you a direct connection to your Mac so you can access all the files on your Mac and copy just the files you need over to your iPhone or iPad. You can then copy them back if you make any changes.

SHARE FILES WITH SOMEONE ELSE - You've just taken a bunch of photos of your friend's wedding with your iPhone. You're at another friend's house who wants the photos to edit and put in an album. Using InterConneX and ChronoAgent, you can instantly put the photos right in your friend's "Pictures" folder without resorting to something silly like emailing them.

SHARE FILES BETWEEN MANY PEOPLE - Your coworkers are all working on a project together. Some have iPhones, some have iPads, and some have Macs. With InterConneX on the iPhones & iPads and ChronoAgent running on the Macs, everyone can share files directly between devices.