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Simply the best way to synchronize or backup between Macs


Once a ChronoAgent has been configured, you establish a connection to it from ChronoSync before you can perform syncs and backups. Once connected to a ChronoAgent you can use ChronoSync to:

Sync to another Mac

SYNC TO ANOTHER MAC: If you're synchronizing data between two Macs, then ChronoSync will communicate directly with ChronoAgent for fast and reliable synchronizations. Install ChronoSync on your primary Mac and ChronoAgent on the secondary Mac. The other Mac can be a laptop, a desktop or a central file server.

Backup to another Mac

BACKUP TO ANOTHER MAC: If you back up your files to another Mac, ChronoSync can run on your Mac and ChronoAgent on the backup Mac. In addition to backing up to another Mac, you can back up to any external drives connected to the other Mac as if they were locally attached storage.

Remote bootable backup

REMOTE BOOTABLE BACKUP: ChronoSync can easily maintain a bootable backup of your Mac to a locally attached drive. But if you want to maintain a bootable backup over a network, add ChronoAgent to the destination Mac. ChronoAgent will give you full access to any internal or external drive connected to the other Mac. Simply create a bootable backup as if those remote drives were attached locally. No other backup solution offers a complete bootable backup over a network as easy as this!

Backup multiple Macs

BACKUP MULTIPLE MACS: Maybe you need to back up a few Macs on a home network or a large number of Macs to a Mac file server. With ChronoSync running on the file server and ChronoAgent running on the Macs, you can back up your data quickly, efficiently and - best of all - cost effectively!