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ChronoAgent operates stealthily in the background so it's quite easy to forget it's there. This is a good thing since you don't want it to interfere with your work. However, it's never a bad idea to peek over its shoulder from time-to-time to just to make sure things are running smoothly. Luckily, ChronoAgent provides handy tools to do this!


The Monitor menu can optionally be enabled. It displays the running status of ChronoAgent, whether or not there are active connections, a history of recent connections (and errors) and even if an updated version is available.

Use iPhone to monitor synchronizations


ChronoMonitor is an iPhone app that can connect to several different ChronoAgents, providing a status report on each one. It can report on the general health of an agent, what it has been doing and if updates are available. It can even report details of synchronizations that may be taking place such as the synchronizer document that is running, scanning progress and error counts.