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Optimized for the New APFS Under Mojave

With macOS Mojave, Apple has switched to a new file system called APFS (Apple File System) which already is used on iPhones and iPads. This is the most substantial change Apple has introduced since the introduction of Mac OS X, which is over 18 years ago. While previous versions of ChronoAgent work with APFS, the new ChronoAgent v1.9 is optimized for APFS. Scanning the file system for changes and subsequently copying files is noticeably faster than previous versions. ChronoAgent v1.9 not only works using the new APFS under Mojave, it still works optimally using HFS+ with older versions of macOS and manages files that go between the two file systems

Full Disk Access Assistant

Full Disk Assistant for Mojave

Under macOS Mojave, Apple has decided to really crack down on Security & Privacy which means that application programs no longer have unfettered access to sensitive data unless you, the user, grant such access. Protecting your system is a smart move by Apple but if you are using a sync or backup app like ChronoSync or ChronoAgent it needs to access files to copy them. ChronoAgent v1.9 includes the super-handy Full Disk Access Assistant that automatically runs when you install it and steps you through the process of granting elevated privileges to ChronoAgent.

Dark Mode Support

Dark Mode Support Under Mojave

The new macOS Mojave introduces Dark Mode, which is a darker interface that many feel is easier on the eyes. Supporting Dark Mode was not simply a matter of 'flipping a switch' and rebuilding ChronoAgent. It required rework of many user interface elements throughout the entire program.

APFS Snapshots

APFS Snapshots

If using APFS as a source, the "Freeze File System" feature in ChronoSync will take a snapshot of the file system before backing it up. The snapshot freezes all the files at the moment the sync/backup runs so there is no possibility of any files being modified, added, or removed during the course of the sync/backup. ChronoAgent fully supports this new feature across two Macs when using a ChronoAgent-to-ChronoSync connection.

Faster Connection Startup

Faster Connection Startup

ChronoSync v4.8 introduced multi-channel connections to ChronoAgent, allowing parallel operations in a single sync task to allocate a channel for each operation. ChronoSync v4.9 utilizes and manages multi-channel connections even better. For best performance, it's important to be able to start and stop additional channels very quickly. ChronoAgent v1.9 can do this about ten times faster than the previous version could!

Bug fixes

Bug Fixes

In addition to these new features ChronoAgent fixes several bugs and stability improvements. Read the release notes for all the details.