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TNCA-0005 - ChronoAgent 1.6.0 Features and Fixes

March 6th, 2016


ChronoAgent 1.6.0 improves SmartScan performance and data security when communicating with ChronoSync. The release of ChronoAgent v1.6.0 coincides with the release of ChronoSync 4.6.6, ChronoSync Express v1.1.2, InterConneX v1.2.1 and ChronoMonitor v1.1.2. The principle reason for the simultaneous release is the upgrade to the security model employed by all these products when establishing secure data communication sessions.


Improved Security

ChronoAgent now implements a stronger security model when establishing secure connections with ChronoSync and InterConneX. Improved encryption strength does come at cost — performance. Which means the higher the encryption, the slower the transfer of files. When connecting to ChronoAgent you have control over the strength of the encryption; Low, Medium and High. Learn the details of the security improvements and compatibility with our products in the “Enhanced Security Model” Tech Note. Highlights of these security changes include adopting TLS v1.2 when establishing secure connections, choosing stronger encryption ciphers and making these changes compatible with the latest versions of ChronoSync (4.6.6) and InterConneX (1.2.1).

Try it before you buy it

ChronoAgent 1.6.0 premieres an all-new Trial Mode evaluation system in ChronoAgent whereby the program can be made fully functional for 15 days. Just install ChronoAgent, open the Preference Pane from the System Preferences App and perform an instant Trail License registration so the full-feature set of ChronoAgent is unlocked for evaluation.


ChronoAgent can also be used to share files from a Mac to an iPhone or iPad running InterConneX. This update now generates a warning when ChronoAgent detects that the InterConneX User Path no longer exists.

ChronoAgent 1.4.9

The legacy version of ChronoAgent is also updated to 1.4.9 for Macs running macOS 10.5 - 10.7. Included in this update are enhancements to Smart Scan allowing older Macs running ChronoAgent to take advantage of faster backups using ChronoSync’s Smart Scan technology. This is a must have for users running older Macs in an enterprise environment. Download the legacy version of ChronoAgent from the Econ Archives.


Below is a list of fixes contained in ChronoAgent v1.6.0.

  • Fixed a user/group ID mapping bug where if asynchronously collecting the contents of a folder, user/group mapping would become disabled if another command that uses mapping was received while the asynchronous collection was taking place.
  • Updated artwork.
  • Fixed a handful of user-interface layout issues.


March-06-2016 - Created.