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What Is ChronoSync?
Perform file synchronization, data backup & system bootable backups on your macOS computer. Connect to a local folder, a local drive, a hard drive connected to a remote computer, file servers, iPhones, iPads & even cloud storage services.

Sync Overview
Watch how simple it is to set up and run a bidirectional synchronization to keep work documents in sync between two computers.

Backup Overview
Learn how to backup a local folder to an external drive using ChronoSync.

Bootable Backup Part I
In Part 1, learn how to prepare your hard drive and how to set up your task to get your Mac ready for a bootable backup.

Bootable Backup Part II
Part 2 presents several configuration options that should be considered when setting up your bootable backup.

What's New in ChronoSync 4.9
ChronoSync 4.9 adds more than 90 new features and enhancements that focus primarily on exploiting new operating system technologies.

What's New in ChronoSync 4.8
ChronoSync 4.8 adds more than 50 enhancements that focus on ease of use, task management, streamlined scheduling and safeguarding your data.

What's New in ChronoSync 4.7
ChronoSync 4.7 adds more than 50 enhancements to an already impressive set of features and capabilities.


An overview of some of the tasks ChronoSync Express can perform: Home folder backup, multi-folder backup, synchronize two sets of files, backup to a file server or NAS, archiving, restoring & scheduling.

Advanced Features
This video touches upon some of the advanced features of ChronoSync Express: Rules, trial synchronization previews, the dozens of options, task containers and using ChronoAgent.

Home Folder Backup
Learn how to back up a Home folder to an external drive.

Synchronize Two Folders
Learn how to synchronize the Documents folder with another Mac.

Scheduled Tasks
Learn how to use the Scheduler to automatically schedule backups and syncs.


What Is ChronoAgent?
ChronoAgent is a companion app to ChronoSync that runs in the background on a remote Mac and communicates directly with ChronoSync. It provides a direct, high performance, encrypted connection and is the ultimate way to transfer files.

ChronoAgent vs. File Sharing
This video will explain the differences between a ChronoAgent connection and a File Sharing connection, including why a ChronoAgent connection is faster, more secure, and a better overall alternative to built-in File Sharing.