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New ChronoAgent Setup Videos Released

January 22, 2015- Econ Technologies publishes a new, 3-part series of videos titled “Configuring a ChronoAgent Sync” that highlight the new features available in ChronoAgent 1.5. The video series provides an easy to follow, guided demonstration of the initial configuration of ChronoAgent, the creation of a ChronoSync Connection Profile and the setup of a ChronoSync Synchronizer Document that connects to a ChronoAgent Mac.

ChronoAgent is an undercover app that runs in the background of a Mac providing a direct connection to ChronoSync running on another Mac. ChronoAgent changes the game when syncing or backing up files between two Macs by silently hiding in the background until a Mac running ChronoSync calls to it. When ChronoAgent hears the call, it comes alive providing more secure, more reliable and higher performance connections. Synchronizations and backups that utilize a ChronoAgent connection are typically 2-3x faster than those using macOS’s built-in file sharing. If you're synchronizing or backing up files between two Macs, the combination of ChronoSync and ChronoAgent is simply the best option available.

This new video series joins a library of video tutorials, guides, and tech notes that help ChronoSync and ChronoAgent owners solve common Mac backup and folder sync problems. By publishing these new videos Econ continues its commitment to provide timely and relevant support to their customers!

ChronoSync is a professional-quality, 3-in-1 app that Mac owners rely upon for standard backup, bootable backup, and folder synchronization. ChronoSync works with any device such as external drives, thumb drives, network volumes or even other, remote Macs! ChronoSync is designed to work on macOS 10.6 and higher. Download and try the demo or purchase ChronoSync for $40.

ChronoAgent allows any local or remote Mac to accept direct, secure connections from any ChronoSync Mac or any InterConneX iOS device so you can access or transfer files without any cloud server making your data vulnerable! ChronoAgent is designed to work on macOS 10.8 and higher. Download and try the demo or purchase ChronoAgent for $15.

InterConneX, free for iOS, creates file storage on your iOS device and then allows the direct sharing, browsing and transfer of files between iOS devices. InterConneX also allows secure, direct sharing, browsing and transfer of files with your Mac running ChronoSync or ChronoAgent without 3rd party clouds making your data vulnerable! InterConneX for the iPhone & iPad will run on iOS 5 - 8 and is a free app available from the Apple App Store.

Econ Technologies, Inc has been creating Apple® software for over 20 years including the ChronoSync Connection which links ChronoSync™ and ChronoAgent™ for macOS with InterConneX™ for the iPhone® & iPad® to backup, share, browse and transfer files between all your devices. Econ offers free email support, continuously updates all our apps and never charges for new versions. No user is left behind! For information about the ChronoSync Connection go to econtechnologies.com.