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ChronoAgent Version 1.5 Now Available!

January 6, 2015- Econ Technologies has released version 1.5 of ChronoAgent for Mac. In addition to outstanding 64-bit performance, this release includes all-new internet connectivity, disk selection restrictions, and directory service configuration options. The user interface has also been redesigned, employing high-resolution (Retina) artwork. ChronoAgent 1.5 is $15 and as always, all existing ChronoAgent users update for free. No user is left behind.

ChronoAgent is an undercover app that runs in the background of a Mac providing a direct connection to ChronoSync running on another Mac. ChronoAgent provides more secure, reliable and higher performance connections than standard file sharing. Synchronizations and backups that utilize a ChronoAgent connection are typically 2-3x faster than those using macOS’s built-in file sharing. If you're synchronizing or backing up files between two Macs, the combination of ChronoSync and ChronoAgent is simply the best option available.

With ChronoSync on your Mac, you can synchronize, backup, and create bootable backups to anything you can connect to your Mac. Add ChronoAgent to a destination Mac and you have a direct connection for safer, faster, and more reliable syncs and backups. If you're synchronizing two Macs, sharing a folder on a Mac server between Macs, backing up one or more Macs to a Mac server, or even maintaining a bootable backup over a network, then the combination of ChronoSync and ChronoAgent is the answer.

ChronoAgent 1.5 now includes a WAN Access Panel, User Path Panel, Notification Center support, and runs as a 64 bit application with all new Retina artwork. With the new WAN Access panel you can configure a ChronoSync/ChronoAgent connection with a Dynamic IP Address service allowing you to backup or synchronize across the internet. That’s a direct connection, no cloud service go between. The User Paths Panel allows for the selection of volumes allowing access to only selected volumes. Post errors to the Notifications Center to keep abreast of any connection problems between two Macs. ChronoAgent now runs as a 64 bit application with all new Retina Artwork. The 64 bit app allows access to much more memory and the use of more advanced APIs and system technologies. The new Retina Artwork gives ChronoAgent a new clean look and optimization for high resolution (Retina) displays.

See how ChronoAgent is the fastest way to synchronize or backup files between two Macs.
See all the new Features in ChronoAgent 1.5.

ChronoSync runs on the source Mac and ChronoAgent runs on the destination Mac giving you a direct connection between two Macs. ChronoSync is the automated synchronization and backup application for macOS that can synchronize, backup, and create bootable backups. ChronoSync is designed to work on macOS 10.6 and higher. Download and try the demo, or purchase ChronoSync for $40. ChronoAgent runs on a Mac and provides a direct connection to InterConneX on an iPhone or iPad or ChronoSync on another Mac. ChronoAgent is designed to work on macOS 10.8 and higher. Download and try the demo, or purchase ChronoAgent for $15.

Econ Technologies, Inc has been creating Apple(R) software for over 20 years including the ChronoSync Connection which links ChronoSync(TM) for Mac(R) macOS, ChronoAgent(TM) for Mac(R) macOS, and InterConneX(TM) for the iPhone(R) & iPad(R) together. For information about the ChronoSync Connection go to Econ Technologies online.