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Whatever your backup or sync scenario, ChronoSync has got you covered!

Synchronization or Backup?

To Sync or Backup?

Steps you through the creation of a basic synchronization document. Defines the concept of synchronization versus backup and helps you decide which operation you need to perform.

Connect Macs over a network

Network Connections

Explains various methods to connect a Mac over a wired or wireless network to another Mac, another computer, Network Area Storage drive, or an external drive on another computer.

Connect your Mac to another Mac

Direct Connect

Learn how to connect your Mac directly to another Mac to backup or sync files.

Delete old files

Deleting Old Files

Learn how to set up a container document consisting of two ChronoSync documents that, when run, will delete files that have not been modified based on a date that is specified.

Disk image sync

Synchronizing with a Disk Image

Learn how to create a disk image (or DMG) and then set up ChronoSync to synchronize to it.

Using relative dates when synchronizing

Using Relative Dates in Rules

Using relative dates is advantageous when you want to synchronize files within a particular frame of time. Read this guide to learn how.

Backing up multiple folders

How to Backup Multiple Folders

This guide covers several methods on how to backup multiple folders using ChronoSync.

Excluding files

Excluding a File or Folder

This guide covers the steps for excluding a file or folder when using ChronoSync.

Set up connection profiles

Configuring Connection Profiles

This guide covers how to set up a connection profile so that you can communicate directly with another computer that has ChronoAgent installed or a iPhone or iPad that has InterConneX installed.