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Whatever your backup or sync scenario, ChronoSync has got you covered!
Synchronization or Backup?

To Sync or Backup?

Steps you through the creation of a basic synchronization document. Defines the concept of synchronization versus backup and helps you decide which operation you need to perform.

Introduction to the Document Organizer

Video: Introduction to the Document Organizer

ChronoSync 4.5.0 introduces the new Document Organizer that allows you to create, manage, schedule, and run all of your sync documents from one convenient location!

Sync document basics

Video: Sync Document Basics

ChronoSync is a document-based application, so each sync or backup you create can be saved as a 'Sync Document' and re-used. Watch and follow along with these videos to learn about Sync Documents and Container Sync Documents.

Backing up multiple folders

How to Backup Multiple Folders

This guide covers several methods on how to backup multiple folders, showing the flexibility of setting up ChronoSync.

Excluding files

Excluding a File or Folder

This guide covers the quick and easy steps to exclude specific files or folders without ever having to visit the Rules panel.

Restoring items

Video: Restoring Items

Now that you have quality backups created with ChronoSync, one day you may find that you need to restore a backed-up file from your backup target, or find an older version of a file from your Archive. Watch and follow along with these videos to learn how to restore items.


Video: Scheduling

Watch and follow along with these videos to learn how to schedule sync documents to run automatically, how to use advanced scheduling options and how to use the Scheduled Documents Manager Window in ChronoSync.