The Undercover Operative for Mac OS X

Give ChronoSync or InterConneX direct access to all your files.

ChronoAgent v1.5 Public Beta Available Now! Check it out!

ChronoAgent is an invisible application that runs silently in the background on a Mac and provides ChronoSync or InterConneX a direct connection to a remote Mac. Think of ChronoAgent as an undercover operative that provides access to a Mac. ChronoAgent is not only secret but secure, too. All connections are protected by a login you create and can be encrypted at the "flip of a switch."


ChronoAgent with ChronoSync Backup and Sync Solution for your Mac USE IT WITH CHRONOSYNC.

ChronoAgent allows any other Mac on your network that is running ChronoSync to have full access to the ChronoAgent Mac’s file system. That allows ChronoSync to synchronize files with or backup to/from the ChronoAgent Mac. ChronoAgent provides a direct, unrestricted connection that is safer, faster, and more reliable than Apple File Sharing. You can even create bootable backups over a network to another Mac!

ChronoAgent communicates with ChronoSync, meaning you need to have ChronoSync in order to communicate with ChronoAgent. Both are separate purchases. ChronoSync is $40 and ChronoAgent is $10.

Full file access to iDevices USE IT WITH INTERCONNEX.

ChronoAgent allows any iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch on your network to have full access to the ChronoAgent Mac’s file system. In short, it allows you to access files on your Mac from an iDevice. Your iOS device contains limited space but now you can take advantage of your Mac’s disk storage by grabbing any files off your Mac and copying new or modified files back to your Mac. That's a direct connection with no cloud required!

InterConneX is Free from the App Store and ChronoAgent is $10.