The Undercover Operative for Mac OS X

Give ChronoSync or InterConneX direct access to all your files.

ChronoAgent is an ideal companion tool for backup or simple file sharing. It is an invisible application that runs silently in the background on a Mac. By itself, ChronoAgent does nothing, but when communicating with ChronoSync or InterConneX, it provides fast, efficient and secure access to all drives, folders and files on the ChronoAgent Mac.

Communicate to your Mac to access files ChronoSync information InterConneX information

ChronoAgent provides ChronoSync a direct connection with full-file access so that your syncs or backups are safer, faster, and more reliable than traditional file sharing. You can even create bootable backups over a network without any fuss!

ChronoAgent provides InterConneX with a direct connection so you can access all the files on your Mac and copy any file back and forth between to your iPad or iPhone, anytime or anywhere.